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New wedge system from Cleveland Golf just came out called the Smart Sole 3 and it features two wedges, one for ease of chipping and another for trouble shots such as bunkers, thick rough, etc.

Here we sit down with Brian from Cleveland Golf and let him explain the key features of both the S and the C.

Shot in 4k, so THP Recommends full screen viewing

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  1. #Cookie says:

    Nice little video. System is easy to understand and make sense. As a recent purchaser of a competitors product I definitely wonder how it performs. Interesting how they went to 58* and didn’t offer anything higher, wonder if that will hurt sales by not having the 64* option?

  2. Vortex says:

    Brian did a nice job of packing lots of information into this 01:25 video. Great story, easy to understand, and I look forward to testing these clubs very soon!

  3. mpeterson says:

    I like the looks of this one a lot more than the previous iteration. With my issues out of the trap, the 58 could be great for my game.

    The chipper with the shorter/upright setup sounds like a really interesting design as well.

  4. Alex B says:

    Feel balanced tech for more forgiveness is great.

    Also like how they break it down simply into S and C.

    I think this will be great for a good portion of golfers

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