Lamkin Grips


While down at Doral, THP had a chance to spend some time in the Cleveland/Srixon Tour van and watch the guys make some equipment for the PGA Tour players.

In this 1st video, watch as Dean makes up a set of Srixon Z-TX irons for Jim Furyk.

In video #2, Dean works on some new wedges for Tim Clark.

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  1. tcalloway1 says:

    wow, it’s like being there talking to Dean myself. nice coverage guys. pretty cool that 1 gram can make a significant difference to a tour pro.

  2. 2659edward says:

    Thanks for the inside look. These guys are all craftsmen and know their trade. Great stuff.

  3. Puttin4Bird says:

    Thanks guys! This is great to see, imagine that as your job!!

  4. Rick Yorke says:

    Great clips–thanks! Anyone know what kind of clublength measuring device Dean was using?

  5. v3.0 says:

    Nice videos: Thanks!

    Hey Cleveland man: How about wearing some safety glasses?!

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