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Finally, a practical golf accessory that you can use! The club caddy is a lightweight device that prevents club grips from getting wet from water on the course. The club caddy provides golfers of any skill, the benefit of not having to bend over for your clubs anymore.

As David Jones, Club Caddy inventor put it, “your back and knees will thank you for it”. It easily clips to your golf bag and is ready when you are. The club caddy works on every club and can hold multiple clubs at a given time. The price point is very reasonable and also makes a great gift idea (stocking stuffer) that any golfer would enjoy receiving.

The concept for this device was thought of a few years back. Jones was playing a course that was the dreaded “cart path only” and really hated that when he took a couple of clubs with him to his ball, the grips were getting wet. He went to bed that night and woke up with visions of how to fix the problem. He sat up at his table and drew the concept. After visualizing this “clothespin type” invention he set out to build a prototype with a hanger and pvc piping. Realizing this would actually be a viable product, David spoke with several patent attorneys, but kept hitting dead ends. After entering a Golf Channel inventor’s contest and making it through several preliminary rounds, David started thinking he had a real chance at winning. He had to present his idea and field test it in front of three judges, one to include Bill Harmon. Nerves were present but he believed in his product.

After winning the contest and very little start up money, David was introduced to one of the largest manufacturer/distributors of golf products. With contracts in hand, David and his partner set out to produce a viable, working product that could be distributed to various golf stores. At first the product was changed from its original form, and trouble started to set in. After a year of dealing with product problems the Club Caddy of today is the one that was thought of on that sleepless night.

We took the Club Caddy out to the course and instantly fell in love with it. It is exactly what every amateur needs with them. If we all hit every green in regulation then we would not need this little device. We would also be playing on the tour and would have someone else holding our clubs. But I am sorry to say that we don’t. Everytime I missed a green, I had this simple thing with me. It was great. Snap it on to the shaft and your club rests upright. No need to bend over! No need to wipe grips off from wet grass!

Overall I urge each golfer to check this device out. How can something this small and trivial make that much difference? It is just one of those things that 20 years from now each person will say “Why didn’t I think of that?” Life is easier on the course with the Club Caddy. You can read tons more about this accessory as well as purchase one directly Here. They are also available at many golf retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golfsmith, Edwinn Watts, and many others.

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  • I like this a lot, especially on those damp mornings. I’m going to stop by Dick’s to check it out.

  • I think it’s a decent idea and would be good for many golfers. I would have to play a round with someone that had one to see if it was worthwhile or not. I’d be more likely to use it to make sure I didn’t leave a club behind (since they’d be more visible standing upright). I don’t worry about my grips getting wet, too much, though.

  • I noticed the review never said how much this item costs, so I had to go elsewhere to find out. When I did, I decided that it was more than I would want to spend for this item. I don’t normally play early in the day so dew isn’t sn issue, and if it’s raining or had been raining I am probably not playing either. If I were to use this it would be around the chipping green but my bag is right there so I’m not leaving clubs laying around anyway. On the course, I wouldn’t take the time to grab it off the bag when I need multiple clubs to choose from. I can’t say I wouldn’t get it if it were cheaper, because I most likely would not. It looks like an interesting acessory for those who might utilize it.

  • For those that want to check out the Caddy, Dick’s does NOT have the new & improved version. Only Golfsmith and I have the new Club Caddy, as far as I know today. The other stores still have the old model and please, DO NOT BUY IT UNLESS YOU SEE A COLOR STRIPE ON THE INSIDE OF THE LEGS.
    Dick’s and other retailers will get the new version but I don’t know when. Wait if you have to, just make sure that it has the color stripe on the inside of the legs or you’ll get bad product. The manufacturer screwed up the first batch and the distributor hasn’t recalled them yet. Just a word of warning.

  • Looks very interesting. Looking forward to trying it out.

  • Where can I buy several of these clu caddy’s

  • I sadly lost mine and can’t find it anywhere, so if you find it please let me know

  • do i order from this site and how much?

  • where can I purchase a club caddy today. After 17 years mine broke.

  • This is the best invention since sliced bread. Love love love the club caddy. Looking to buy another but can’t find one anywhere. Golfsmith carried them but since they closed I can’t find any. Anyone know where I can buy one?

  • Lost it on the course. Went back to look for it to no avail. I really miss it. It’s time to start making it again. I’ll buy a couple.

  • What happened to the golf club caddy that looks like a large clothes pin? I see a picture of it here but can’t find how to purchase it?

  • I would love to buy more club caddy and would to know where to get them. Love my and many ladies I golf with to get them for all my ladies friends

  • How can I order a couple of these I can’t find anywhere to order any of them

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