What is a Club Champion Driver Fitting Like?

We get asked quite often about being fit for a driver. How much can it help a golfer? Are gains real? We decided to go to the largest premium fitter, Club Champion and instead of having them explain what a fitting could do, we had them perform one.

Adam Fonseca, host of the popular podcast Golf Unfiltered, was our golfer and he went through the full fitting at the Club Champion location in Willowbrook, IL. While we sped up the video to keep you from having to sit through all of his swings, this is a Club Champion fitting in full. Nick Sherburne, founder of Club Champion and Dean of CCU, walks through every aspect of both fitting and distance to make it easy to understand.

Have you been fit at Club Champion before? If you have, let us know how it went in the comments below or join us in the THP Forum thread here. If you haven’t, what are your thoughts after watching Adam go through his own fitting? More inclined? Less inclined? We want to hear from you.

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