Club Fitting for Beginner Golfers

Go get fit. 

Three of the most important words for golfers, and also three of the most intimidating, particularly for beginners to the game. 

Let’s be honest, for those just getting into golf there are about a million different things to think about, starting with just making contact. How much thought is actually put into the clubs that they are using to try and do that though? For a great deal of people, it is usually a hand-me-down setup that they’re using to get their feet wet. With all that in mind, yes, the decision to go get fit is much more nuanced than many people realize, but the importance never really waivers, regardless of skill level or time in the game. 

ECPC Club Fitting for Beginners

One of the constants that we hear is the question of “when” someone should finally go through a full fitting, do they need to be in the game for an extended period of time or not? We actually asked Michael Vrska, Director of Custom Fitting and Player Development for Callaway golf just that, and here is what he had to say:

“I think one of the biggest myths in fitting is a person isn’t good enough or hasn’t been playing long enough to get fit. Once you’ve been to the range a few times, played a couple of rounds and are confident golf is for you, get fit. All too many times beginning golfers get clubs that are too heavy or too stiff or the wrong length when starting out and it creates swing compensations that get ingrained, leading to long term faults that can be difficult to correct. I strongly recommended someone gets fit early in their golf life. It will help them hit it better and more consistently, and make the game more fun, both short and long term.” 

All this presents the biggest part of the story of why fitting, especially for beginners, can be such a critical experience. The ability to ensure you are using the right equipment in terms of even the most basic fitting aspects means consistency, which in turn helps create the repeatability that so many golfers of all skill levels lack. To get the viewpoint of an independent fitting entity on this we reached out to Nick Sherburne, the founder of Club Champion, and he had this to say:

Club Fitting for beginners

“Fitting matters for everyone, no matter the skill level, a big part of that is consistency — knowing how far your irons should fly each time, trusting that your shots will be repeatable, and even better understanding your misses when they happen. With a fitting, you’re getting the right club in your hand, which allows your body to move more freely instead of compensating for the wrong fit. Especially for beginners or higher handicaps, that’s imperative to creating good habits and meeting golf goals.”

Now, of course there are the financial implications which can be seen as a deterrent to many just into an already expensive game. An important thing to consider there is being fit doesn’t have to mean all new clubs, it can mean finding out the specifications and adjusting or having your own gear adjusted to better help you achieve those levels of consistency and repeatability that can make the game much more enjoyable. 

Have you been fit before? Hesitant? Planning on it in the future? Let your story be heard both below as well as in the THP community!

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