Club Glove Microfiber Caddy Towel Review

Golf towels. Everyone has about 14 of them and nobody really talks much about them, they just hang there and do their job. Just about every towel out there is the same as the one before, same hole to hook your towel clip to and the same cotton fabric, I guess you could say they’re just like a bath towel. I was not exaggerating earlier, I really do have 14 golf towels but in reality I alternate between 2 and maybe a third if I’m lazy and both are caked with mud. The thing is, they’re just not that great, for the most part they get the job done I guess but really there are even times that they just really don’t work that well. In comes the Club Glove Microfiber Caddy Towel to completely change everything we thought we knew about the golf towel.

One quick note from the company:
Demanded by tour players and their caddies, these premium microfiber golf towels exceed professional tour standards and outperform any other towel in golf.

  • Features a large elongated center slit for fitting over club head
  • Waffle-textured towels are super absorbent
  • Holds 300% of its weight in water
  • Non-abrasive and virtually lint free
  • 8″ center slit easily fits over golf clubs in golf bag
  • Black trim

Right away when you open the package you know that you’re holding onto a different kind of towel all together. The waffle texture combined with the ultra-soft microfiber fabric make this towel amazingly soft to the touch. It’s hard to explain exactly but this towel is not like anything you’ve ever used, it’s lightweight and as you’re holding it you can just tell that it will perform exactly how you want it to while out on the golf course.

Rather than a hole for a clip like just about every other golf towel that has ever been created the Caddy Towel has a 8” slit right in the center of it. The idea behind this design is to allow you to easily fit it over one of your clubs for hanging and easy access each time you need to call on it. I chose my 4 iron and was very pleased how it hung there and really stayed in place rather nicely. Not once did I drop the towel or have it fall off while getting clubs in and out. Sure when it was time to hit my 4 iron I had to move it, but that was very quick and easy so definitely no problems to report there at all.

Golf towels get used for a lot more than just cleaning dirt and grass off of our club heads after a shot. My golf towels usually end up serving as a napkin, a sweat rag, and a wash cloth, among other things. A little catchy line on the card inside the package caught my eye and was definitely very accurate, it says “Stong enough to remove dirt, grease, and sun block off your hands, yet gentle enough to clean your glasses.” I can definitely say without hesitation that this towel does all of that and plenty more. I could see mechanics getting good use out of these towels as well.

The towel sent for review was white and my first thoughts after being so impressed with how it feels was that there is no way this thing will stay white for long. Well as you can see in the picture above I managed to get the towel pretty dirty in my testing so I figured it was time to throw it in the wash to see how much (if any) of that bright white towel would come back. I threw it in with some other whites, a little Clorox bleach and just a little bit of Oxy Clean and sure enough, as good as new! Not to mention, I am very happy to report that the towel did not shrink or shrivel up or lose any of that soft feel after going through the laundry, definitely a very good thing!!

While the right golf towel definitely will not shave any strokes off of your handicap it definitely can help you keep your clubs clean and make you a little more comfortable while on the golf course. Most towels do an OK job of managing these tasks, but is an OK job really good enough for you? If you demand quality in all aspects of the golf you play then you definitely should not be settling for some cotton bath towel to get the job done. Do yourself a favor and get out and pick up this towel, you’ll be glad you did. The Club Glove is available in several colors at online golf retail stores and directly from Club Glove at for $19.95.

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