Cobra AEROJET Hybrid and Fairway Woods

I have no problem screaming from the rooftops that year after year Cobra Golf produces some of the most powerful fairways and hybrids in golf. Quite frankly, they fly far too under the radar at times than they deserve. Though initially with the AEROJET release all eyes may be on the drivers, the fairways and hybrids are indeed coming to the table with just as impressive of a technological punch. 

Let’s look closer at just what Cobra is bringing in 2023 with AEROJET. 

Cobra AEROJET family of metal woods
Cobra AEROJET Fairways and Hybrids

Cobra AEROJET Fairways

If you have checked out the AEROJET driver release (find it here) then you are likely pretty familiar with all of the innovation that Cobra has put into this new line, and much of it continues here into the fairways. 

Streamlining the look, the same color motif is present here in the fairways as the drivers with the white, red, and blue accents letting the carbon show. It is that carbon that is a story in and of itself since the Raw Finish Thin Ply Carbon Fiber is 30% thinner to allow more weight to be shifted elsewhere in the head to a specific location dependent on the model. 

Cobra AEROJET fairway woods
Cobra AEROJET Fairways Family

Internally, the PWR-BRIDGE is one of the most intriguing tech stories in 2023, it is the internal “bridge” which suspends the weight above the sole. This lets the CG be intricately placed and manipulated to optimize launch and spin. Perhaps most importantly it let Cobra create a much more flexible sole section behind the face which aims to improve energy transfer and retention, meaning more ball speed potential. 

To help even more with that, the PWRSHELL H.O.T. FACE (Highly Optimized Topology) has been created using artificial intelligence in order to create faces which will respond to the most common misses with better ball speed and spin retention. That face works in coordination with the space the PWR-BRIDGE creates to make more free flexion and increase the overall performance. 

Like the drivers, there are three unique models:

Cobra AEROJET Fairway

The core model of the new AEROJET fairway offerings, this one should hit the widest segment of golfers with focus entirely on easy launch, distance, and forgiveness. Using a single 12g weight at the rear of the club, the playability stays high while the internal PWR-BRIDGE keeps the overall CG forward and low. Off the deck, or off the tee, the AEROJET will be the model with the widest appeal of versatility in a confidence inspiring footprint. 

Cobra AEROJET 3 wood sole
Cobra AEROJET Fairway

There will be 3W (15.0), 5W (18.0) and 7W (21.0) options in the AEROJET that can all be tweaked +/- 1.5 degrees with the MyFly adapter. The standard premium shaft options are the UST Mamiya Helium Nanocore 5F2 (Lite) or Mitsubishi Chemical KAI’LI BLUE 60 (R, S). 

Cobra AEROJET LS Fairway

Like its driver counterpart, the LS here most definitely stands for “Low Spin”. This is the model aimed at players with faster swings who demand a more compact look alongside more penetrating trajectories without sacrificing workability. Along with the MyFly adapter, the LS features 12 and 3 gram weights which can be placed in either orientation within the forward weight ports located on the heel and toe. For those curious, this situates itself as a neutral-to-fade biased fairway. 

Cobra AEROJET LS Fairway

Cobra is bringing a 14.5 degree 3W and 17.5 degree 5W to the table with the AEROJET LS fairway, and MyFly makes +/- 1.5 degrees of loft adjustment possible in both heads. The standard premium shaft for this model is the Mitsubishi Chemical KAI’LI WHITE 70 (S, X). 

Cobra AEROJET MAX Fairway

Just as the name implies, the AEROJET MAX is all about maximum forgiveness. All of the technology discussed earlier is packed into these fairways, as is a two-weight system with ports in the heel and rear of the club for tuning the launch or draw bias as needed with the standard 12 and 3 gram weights. Even though neutral-to-draw based forgiveness is the name of the game, the forward CG and PWRSHELL tech’s keep speed up to keep playability and distance. 

Cobra AEROJET MAX Fairway

There are three heads available in the AEROJET MAX at 15.5 (3W), 18.5 (5W), and 21.5 (7W) lofts with the same +/- 1.5 degrees of adjustability present as the other fairways thanks to the MyFly adapter. Not to mention, the same options are available in a women’s model with a unique color palette. Shaft options are the UST Mamiya Helium Nanocore 5F2 (Lite) or Mitsubishi Chemical KAI’LI BLUE 60 (R, S) in the men’s and a UST Mamiya Helium Nanocore 4F1 (W) in the women’s models. 

Cobra AEROJET Hybrids

While one might initially expect the hybrids to not feature the same dynamic tech as the fairways and drivers, that is not how Cobra Golf operates. In fact, the only thing they don’t have is the carbon fiber crown which is much more about creating a hybrid that blends into the woods as well as the irons than anything else. The fact that they have managed to implement the PWR-BRIDGE into the hybrids along with the PWRSHELL H.O.T. Face has to make golfers excited to see just what kind of speed and forgiveness can be expected. 

Cobra AEROJET hybrids
Cobra AEROJET Hybrids

Visually, it is worth noting that Cobra took feedback into account and the shape of the hybrids has been massaged both for aerodynamics and structure, as well for visual flow. The heel for example is lower now while the crown is more rounded, and the rear of the club sits slightly more raised than in the past. 

Cobra AEROJET hybrid sole tech picture
Cobra AEROJET Hybrids

The AEROJET hybrids will be available in 2H (17.0), 3H (19.0), 4H (21.0), 5H (24.0), and 6H (28.0) options. For those waiting to find out if a ONE Length option still exists, it does, with 3H, 4H, and 5H models. Not to mention, women’s models are also present in 4H, 5H, 6H, and even a 7H (31.0) version. The shaft selection for the AEROJET hybrids is the KBS PGI (85S, 75R, 65A).

The Details

Cobra’s new AEROJET lineup of fairway woods and hybrids are set to hit both physical and digital stores on 2/10/23. Price points will be $329 for fairways and $279 for hybrids. As usual, Cobra will offer a tremendous amount of shaft and build customizations through fitters as well as their own website. 

Has Cobra done enough this year with the AEROJET Fairways and Hybrids to catch your attention? Does any specific model stand out to you more than others? Let us know what you think on the THP Community or in the comments below! 

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