Cobra DARKSPEED Drivers Review

Last year, Cobra introduced the AeroJet, which was aimed at improving clubhead aerodynamics. Today, they’re releasing the new, highly anticipated DARKSPEED driver lineup, which continues to enhance the shaping of their drivers to move through the air more efficiently, ultimately giving golfers more speed. 

DARKSPEED Drivers Review

Golfers worldwide can attest to the importance of shaping, as for many, a clubhead not only needs to perform well but also look good. Cobra R&D understands this and continues pushing the limits of driver shaping to enhance their aerodynamic properties while ensuring an attractive appearance. With the release of the DARKSPEED driver lineup, they have made significant advancements in producing one of the most aerodynamic drivers on the market.

The three drivers under the DARKSPEED umbrella have undergone a series of refinements to distinguish themselves. Each one features a different skirt height to enhance their unique characteristics, and a slight increase in curvature around the crown and toe is apparent compared to the previous year’s model. Furthermore, the crown peaks have been strategically altered across the range to ensure optimal aerodynamic properties throughout the models. These improvements help illustrate how Cobra has meticulously ensured that their drivers meet the highest performance standards.

Cobra DARKSPEED Drivers Review

“The aerodynamic package in the new DARKSPEED family of drivers is our most advanced to date,” said Mike Yagley, Vice President of Innovation at COBRA Golf. “We continue to push aerodynamic shaping, mass properties, and resilience to drive technology and innovation, providing golfers the most advanced and high-performance clubs possible.”

DARKSPEED is a driver that prides itself on its advanced aerodynamics, which is its primary feature. However, it also integrates various other cutting-edge technologies to enhance speed. Among these advanced features is the PWR-BRIDGE, Cobra’s suspended weight design. This design has undergone significant improvements with the aid of artificial intelligence (A.I.). Thanks to weight savings from a 30% thinner carbon fiber crown, this refined design has been repositioned lower and more forward, which increases its proximity to the clubface while still allowing the face to flex freely. Additionally, the PWRSHELL face insert has been enlarged by 13% compared to its predecessor and features Cobra’s A.I.-designed H.O.T. Face Technology to mitigate speed loss on contact points across the entire face. Combining these technologies with aerodynamic improvements, DARKSPEED is poised to deliver impressive performances on the course.

Sole of the Cobra Darkspeed driver

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over ten years since Cobra introduced their SmartPad technology, and once again, it has found its way into their driver lineup. SmartPad works in conjunction with the MyFly8 adjustable loft sleeve so that the face angle will look square regardless of the loft. MyFly8 allows golfers to raise or lower the loft by as much as 1.5° while having eight different settings, including three draw settings. For example, a 9° driver head can drop to 7.5° or top out at 10.5°.

As has been the case with Cobra over the past several releases, there are three separate driver heads to choose from within the DARKSPEED family. All of these come in this stealthy black finish, which gives the DARKSPEED driver a look that it’s out there to take care of business. 


DARKSPEED LS is tailored toward golfers with faster swings seeking a club that can deliver lower spin rates and enhance shot shape control. This L.S. model features three weight ports that house two 3g weights and one 12g weight, offering enough configurations to suit every tinkerer’s needs. 

DARKSPEED LS’s design incorporates key aerodynamic features to enhance its performance. Specifically, it boasts a high rear skirt height, an elevated crown peak, and a compact address profile. 

An interesting note within the L.S. family is that Cobra has produced an 8° model that is an evolution of a long-drive prototype head that Kyle Berkshire previously used. This 8° model has a smaller and even more aerodynamic head shape, offering extreme speed for those with the propensity to chase the long ball. 

DARKSPEED LS is offered in three lofts (8°, 9°, 10.5°) available in both right-hand and left-hand options. Stock shaft options include UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X White (XS and S), Project X HZRDUS Limited Edition Matte Black Gen 4 (S), and UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X Blue (R and S.) 

The Cobra Darkspeed LS Driver in hand

Cobra DARKSPEED X Driver

DARKSPEED X is likely to be the most popular driver of this launch because it’s built to fit the broadest range of golfers. This driver’s profile is well-suited for the golfer who wants that magical combination of fast ball speeds and plenty of forgiveness. Like the MAX, it offers two swappable weights, one in the rear and one front and center. Moving that 12-gram weight in the back will aid in forgiveness, while in the forward position, it can help reduce spin and increase ball speed. 

Being the driver head in the middle of the line, it should be no surprise that it has a medium skirt height and enjoys what Cobra refers to as a streamlined shape. 

DARKSPEED X has three loft options (9°, 10.5°, 12°) and is available in RH and LH configurations. Being a driver head that will fit the masses, it is offered with four different stock shafts: UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X White (XS and S); Project X HZRDUS Limited Edition Matte Black Gen 4 (S), UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X Blue (R and S); MCA KAI’LI Blue (R and S).

Cobra Darkspeed Driver Lineup


DARKSPEED MAX is an excellent choice for those searching for a clubhead with the most forgiveness, highest M.O.I., and most draw bias weighting in the lineup. Along with the adjustable MyFly8 hosel, golfers will be able to adjust the weighting profile by choosing whether to place a 12-gram weight in the heel, creating a more draw bias club, or in the back to give the MAX a boost in M.O.I. and forgiveness. 

At this point, it’s evident that aerodynamics is a massive part of the DARKSPEED story. DARKSPEED MAX features the lowest skirt height of the three drivers in the lineup.

DARKSPEED MAX has two separate shaft options: Project X HZRDUS CB Red (A and R flex) and UST Mamiya LIN-Q M40X Red (R and S flex). All three lofts (9°, 10.5°, 12°) come in RH and LH models. 

Cobra’s DARKSPEED MAX Driver is also available in a women’s edition that features a gloss crown and sole with cool blue accents and comes in 10.5° and 12°. For the ladies, a UST Helium Nanocore shaft is the stock option. 

Preorders for DARKSPEED LS, X, and MAX drivers begin today, and they will hit store shelves on January 19th for $549. 

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