Cobra F-Max Driver Explained

A few weeks ago, we had a preview of the new line from Cobra Golf called F-Max. The line is robust and complete and is aimed at the higher handicap golfer and more moderate swing speeds. If you missed that New Gear Alert, you can read all about the different pieces in F-Max, right here.

Early testing reports are getting rave reviews and the driver is being called “super forgiving” from everybody that has tested it. Wanting to find out all of the tech details on why that is, we sat down with Tom Olsavsky, and had him walk us through everything packed into the new driver.

Shot in 4k so THP recommends full screen viewing

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  • I’ve always thought this lineage of Cobra clubs (Baffler, Max, etc.) is one of the more underrated ones out there. Prices are great for the segment, and I’ve really enjoyed them when I’ve tested.

    Offset on the driver always throws me off a bit but when I’ve demoed it didn’t take more than a few swings to get used to.

  • Sounds like a very playable, solid SGI option. The aesthetics of the head are quite nice.

  • Really good video on this new offering. The discussion on shaft weight and just how light is practical was great. Cobra appears to have another solid offering and I’m all about max forgiveness…would be eager to try it if I didn’t fear launch would just be too high based on profile.

  • It looks promising and would probably help my game, but my mind is refusing the gold coulour….

  • I loved my King Cobra. They are very underrated drivers. I look forward to trying this one out!

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