Cobra Fly-Z+ Driver – Deconstructed & Explained

While at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show, THP TV caught up with Cobra Golf to discuss the different technologies in their new driver line called Fly-Z. Tom Olsavsky, VP of R&D at Cobra Golf, shows off the deconstructed driver and explains each piece of the metal wood and how it works.

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  • Great interview with TO here! Amazing to hear just how much that something seemingly as small as 2 grams can be such a “win” for the engineers and impact the product holistically. Pretty cool to also see the growth in quality of the Cobra metal-woods since his arrival.

  • Great video describing how and where they saved weight and where they moved it to.

  • Pretty smart guy…even for a Steelers fan.

    Love the prop, pretty cool to see the pieces shown in that manner.

    T.O. has really preached the emphasis of finding places to reduce weighting and re-allocate when necessary to better the product, which seems like they have done once again in this line.

  • Very cool video.
    Interesting when TO says that MOI and Low CG are always going to be traded off against each other and you simply cannot have both maxed out.

  • lol not on the internet they don’t! Good zinger there JB

  • Great interview with TO. The ever ongoing fight for mere grams is amazing. Saving 2g in the face is just incredible. Such great tech talk there.

  • I have no clue what all that means but I trust TO. I’ve hit the club and it’s sweet. Keep doing what you do cobra.

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