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Cobra PUMA Golf has teamed up with Bryson DeChambeau for a tribute to the game of golf and the classic era with the launch of the Heritage Collection. This limited edition line extension features a retro look inspired in part by Bryson and his affinity for the classics.

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The biggest show piece is the new KING F7 Driver done in a throwback wood grain look and having seen this one in person, it is incredibly well done. Below you will see more pictures of the entire limited edition collection as well.

Coming up at the 2017 RBC Heritage, DeChambeau will be done up head to toe in the entire look featuring the PUMA cardigan, Tailored chinos, Ignite Spikeless Sport shoes and his signature Driver Cap done in a unique herringbone fabric.

What and When
COBRA KING F7 Driver LE Wood Grain: 4/14 $349
PUMA IGNITE Spikeless Sport Golf Shoes: Available Now $120
PUMA Tour Driver Cap LE Chestnut Herringbone: Available 4/14 $40
PUMA Tailored Golf Chino White Pepper: Available Now $80
PUMA Essential Pounce Polo: Available Now $55
PUMA Stretch Belt Quarry/Oatmeal/Peacoat: Available Now $30

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  1. dazeedmonds says:

    Cobra keeps putting different stuff out there. This is really cool to see and Bryson is the man that can pull off the old school look.

  2. Fredrick Kong says:

    Interesting idea, a classic lol on a modern design.

  3. Sox Fan says:

    The whole collections looks really good. Would love to get a look at the driver in person.

  4. D_in_la says:

    Man I wish Puma made eye with shoes. Also loving that faux wood finish.

  5. Jeff Spicoli says:

    Would need to see the F7 in person. Definitely liking the styling of the clothes.

  6. KEV says:

    I like every one of these pieces. It looks very well done and is something I think I’d both play and wear.

  7. mpeterson says:

    This is a great line extension. Something a bit different, and I love the look of that driver at first glance.

  8. Trout Bum says:

    I love it! that’s a really classy look and a great way to homage to the game we love

  9. DMoney79 says:

    Cool stuff really like the retro wood F7 and the shoes aren’t bad either Cobra is doing good things!

  10. Jlew2144 says:

    Love the throwback look. I’m sure the driver looks even better in person than in print.

  11. Puttin4Bird says:

    I like to see Cobra thinking outside the box and having some fun with things. Pretty cool look to that driver too!

  12. RNG says:

    Love the style Cobra is putting out there right now!

  13. Alex B says:

    I want every piece in that collection specifically the driver and the driver cap.

    I really wish they offered up the cardigan that piece is fantastic!

  14. Blake Hall says:

    I’m especially looking forward to ordering the hat and cardigan. Those will fit into my wardrobe nicely!

  15. Matt Cowell says:

    Wow I really like the looks of the driver.

  16. WCBM says:

    Is the cardigan going to be for sale?

  17. Wakit300 says:

    WTH kind of wood grain is that supposed to be?! You think they’d make an attempt at a persimmon pattern but that looks like something you’d see on a coffee table or guitar.

  18. Bullfrog says:

    Cobra does put out some good looking stuff. I like the retro look.

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