Cobra KING LTD Driver Preview

A little over a year ago, THP put up a thread on the online forum as kind of a petition. It was about bringing back a legend and it was not referring to a golfer, but the name of a driver that was iconic for a generation. King Cobra was a metal wood that many golfers grew up on and today, Cobra Golf is bringing it back to the forefront with a new design and a ton of technology.


In September 2014, COBRA GOLF teamed up with The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and Nanoracks LLC, on a materials science research investigation that launched on board SpaceX CRS-4 and was on the International Space Station for six weeks. Taking design inspiration from the Space Station’s cupola module, a 9’ 10” earth and space observation platform, the KING LTD driver features a SpacePort window that is incorporated into the sole of the driver. This unique structural design feature is locked in place by the use of Spiralock thread technology which is designed to withstand high vibrations and loads during impact without over tightening or loosening. The result is a sleek aerodynamic exterior.

“The KING COBRA franchise is synonymous with the brands’ heritage. Now, the new KING LTD driver is the next generation of product under the KING COBRA name, building upon the legacy created by COBRA Founder, Tom Crow, in 1990,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP Research & Development COBRA Golf. “We knew that if we were going to reintroduce the KING Cobra it had to be something much more advanced and special, incorporating innovative technologies that would only surpass its’ legacy. And we are confident we did that with the KING LTD driver; it is truly game-changing for golfers and fit for a KING.”


The SpacePort system consists of a 16-gram Aerospace grade Aluminum dual-purpose weight and translucent port system that allows golfers to view the internal driver technologies. By removing the port, golfers can visually access all the hidden COBRA technologies: 811 Titanium E9 Face, Low CG Hosel, and Textreme Carbon Fiber Crown. In total, there are more than 28 grams of discretionary weight strategically positioned in and around the Port perimeter positioning the CG low and to the back of the clubhead. The Port also removes the necessity for Hot Melt Glue, a sticky substance typically used in drivers to catch internal debris and achieve final club head weight, saving an additional 4g; instead, a more efficient solid structured and more precise weight is placed into the head, behind the SpacePort, further optimizing the mass properties. The Port also allows final swing-weight tuning, with 0-12g Tungsten weight, at time of build to precisely fit the golfer.

Through key structural component weight reduction and critical placement of the discretionary weight COBRA Golf created the lowest CG on the driver market today. Depending on the head configuration, the CG is on or below the “Neutral Axis”, a perpendicular line extending back from face center, delivering unprecedented “ZERO CG” technology. The ultra-low CG improves the efficiency of the club head to ball impact and allows golfers to achieve higher ball speeds, higher launch angles and lower spin, all three contribute to distances gains off the tee.


“The KING LTD is the only driver to ever reach below ZERO CG – by combining the Space Port with new materials, the KING LTD reaches optimal performance, never been done before by any other driver to date,” said Olsavsky.

There are four key internal technologies used in the KING LTD driver to create its superior properties and ultimate performance. The crown is ultra-light TeXtreme Carbon composite, a material frequently used in aerospace and other advanced high-performance structures, and 20% lighter than a standard carbon fiber crown. A thin, lightweight 811 titanium face with next generation E9 zoning removes 10 grams from the face structure. The hosel structure has been lowered which also contributes to lowering the CG of the club head. The body is constructed of lightweight 811 titanium with an optimized variable thickness sole incorporating a back weight port and 12 gram tungsten weight.


Today, the official launch of the KING LTD is taking place at PGA National Resort and Spa with Cobra Golf and tour superstar Rickie Fowler. THP will be live at the major event and bringing content directly to the THP Forum as it happens. Click here to be taken to the THP Forum Live Update Thread on the Cobra KING LTD driver launch.

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