Cobra Limited Edition ZL Driver – All White!

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy a winter white holiday season after all with the launch of Cobra Golf’s new Limited Edition ZL Driver, an all-white model loaded with the company’s latest technology and an upgraded premium shaft. This driver is sure to be in demand this holiday season.

Only 500 of the Limited Edition ZL Drivers are available globally, and each is individually marked with a production serial number. The Limited Edition ZL Driver utilizes advanced multi-material construction and Adjustable Flight Technology and is paired with a high performance Fujikura Motore Speeder shaft. This exclusive product is ideal for the accomplished player who wants a collectible driver with Tour-caliber performance.

Check out the Hi-Res Pictures and the rest of the information right here.

“The Limited Edition ZL Driver is a distinct offering for our loyal customers,” says Brian Zender, Senior Vice President and General Manager of COBRA-PUMA GOLF. “The ZL Driver is regarded as one of the highest performing drivers in the market. The Limited Edition ZL demonstrates the unique attitude of the Cobra brand, and our focus on superior performance and innovative design.”

The new driver made its Tour debut this week, as COBRA GOLF staffer Ian Poulter – who plays the ZL Driver on the PGA Tour – teed up the all-white ZL Driver at the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions event in Shanghai.

“It’s been a year since my first win with my Cobra ZL Driver, and what a better way to celebrate it than with this Limited Edition model,” says Poulter. “I like the visual of the new white ZL, it’s really very cool. It’s unique and different than any driver I’ve seen – plus its performance is great, too. It has the identical performance of the driver that I’ve won with twice.”

Check out the Hi-Res Pictures and the rest of the information right here.

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  • Pretty Awesome! The white is sick! The price is too high!

  • really great looking driver! i hope they sell out faster than expected. i’m sure there will be some die hard cobra fans that will do whatever it takes to get one of these.

  • Simply awesome looking! We’ve all been hearing of white drivers on the horizon but a, we didn’t expect it from Cobra, and b, we didn’t think it would be this awesome looking!

  • Spectacular driver, almost to pretty to game! Almost….

  • Anybody else think this is just a slap in the face at Taylormade because they signed Camilo Villegas.

  • I would never have thought I would like a white driver but that thing has looks a mile long.

  • Ok Cobra, I hope you are listening here guys. I have been toting the snakes for a LONG time now and JB calls me the original “Super Fan”. Please save one of these beauties for ol gray! Mr. Cobra I will come wash your car, walk ya dog, and take out the trash if you save one of these limited editions for me. When I opened up the thread on THP this evening and saw this driver my wife said I looked like Rodney Dangerfield. My eyes and mouth were wide open! Anyways I am going to said a good prayer tonight that this beautiful driver will one day grace my home :O)!!! Signed — The original Snake Charmer…..

  • That driver looks awesome. If there is any way for Ole Gray to land one, I’m sure he will. 6 bills takes it way out of my range, but it is purty.

  • It sure is a pretty club, I don’t think I would hit it though. I would hang it on my wall.

  • The price listed is MSRP. I’m guessing it will retail for $499, which is still high, but considering the value of the shaft and the limited edition status not quite as bad.

  • I too am quite surprised to see this from Cobra first, but this is mighty nice looking. With only 500 being made, I wouldn’t game it. It’s just too exclusive. It would be an awesome collectors piece that’s for sure.

  • Blagh, it looks like a giant mint tic tac.

  • It’s a beautiful driver and I would love to try one.
    But….at $625.00…the Cobra company have lost their minds.



    I personally can not understand why all the Marketing people are pushing painting anything black ,white or whatever, It looks like hell after playing a couple of rounds of golf.

    Forgive me, but I have a habit of saying exactly what should be said!

    Hooked on Golf in Louisville,Ky.

  • Say what you want…. I tracked down two on pre-order and bought them both!!

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