Cobra PUR Wedge Review

For those golfers who have a passion for the action and performance of a raw finish wedge, but cannot stand the sight of a wedge laden with rust, Cobra has introduced the PUR wedge.  A rust resistant raw finish wedge that promotes high end spin and shot making, with a series of grind options, and a shape that has unique elements while maintaining a rather classic look, the Cobra PUR wedge is bound to bring on some great conversation.


Aligning with the raw finish, the PUR wedge from Cobra is brilliantly completed by not filling any of the numbering, lettering, or logos on the back of the wedge.  Raw in every way, it has a sort of ‘unfinished’ vibe to it that speaks well to the tech that is involved.  Cobra has a unique central cutout in the sole to save weight, and look unique at the same time.

Looking down at the wedge, golfers will notice a generous face shape with a rounded top and a bit of a convex leading edge.  The contrast of the grooved area to the outer portions adds a secondary element of comfort when standing at address, knowing that the ball has been properly placed.  Finally, the hosel section is quite typical in shape and size, which eliminates the eyes being drawn to it.

The Technology

Sensibly, the discussion begins with the raw finish that defends against rusting.  During testing, not a spec of rust could be found on the head despite playing in a variety of conditions.  This offers a nice validation of the overall profile expectation for those a bit worried about a raw/rusted look.  Cobra notes that not requiring the chrome plating allows for a slightly sharper, larger, and deeper groove to really activate the spin characteristics of the shot.

There are three key components to the Pure Spin of the PUR wedge from Cobra.  100% CNC milled grooves and faces, progressive spin tech, and variable face roughness.  Of the three elements noted, the progressive spin tech will provide the most obvious visual alteration, as the lower lofted clubs are given a narrower and deeper groove, while the higher lofted PUR wedges are given a wider and shallower groove.  This is intended to help trajectory consistency across the wedges, and is a pretty compelling concept overall.

The Grinds

The PUR wedge from Cobra is being offered in three distinct grinds.  The widelow which is intended for soft or medium turf conditions and a digger or neutral swing, the classic grind which is intended for all conditions and a neutral swing, and finally the versatile grind which is intended for medium or firm conditions with a neutral or slider swing.

The wedge provided for review was the versatile grind, which performed predominately above the ground on slightly firmer ground conditions, with a swing that would be more in the neutral realm.  It does not have as aggressive of a heel carve out as some of the tour offerings available, which is highly beneficial for those who need the bounce help in the fairway pitch shots.  From the bunker, it managed to get through the sand quickly, promoting good launch and plenty of spin after landing.  Based on the offering availability, it seems like Cobra is fairly confident in the slider/versatile grind being the best fit for most golfers.


Rounding out the technology discussion is the combination of 304 stainless steel, muscle back design, and vibrational flow working together to promote high end feel.  Cobra notes that the club harmonics translate into a feel that is soft yet solid, and when struck well that is a very fair assessment.  Even shots that may have fallen slightly below the ideal equator on the head promoted good sound and decent results despite the unforgiving shape of a muscle back wedge.  This translated well between full shots and greenside shots, with the best audible sound coming from a slightly elevated rough lie around the green.  It is a very complete, clean contact that is pleasing to the ears.

The Translation

Stepping away from a number of weeks testing the Cobra PUR wedge, the best takeaway is a lean towards the grind that came with the review.  They are a versatile wedge that can promote ample spin when required, but not so much to deter solid launch or distance from full swing distance.  While the grind may not have been the most optimal for tight lie flop shots, it produced some extremely well executed shots with great feedback in the hands and the ears.  This includes a number of holed shots which spun according to expectations and had predictable landing and release patterns.  Despite the raw finish, the wedge did not blind or cause trouble to the eyes during sunny days, which aligns with Cobra’s notes of the finish ‘defusing glare’ in the sun.

Parting Thoughts

This iteration of wedge from Cobra is a nice step forward in their design platform.  It manages to offer a variety of promising and intriguing technology elements while maintaining the classic look of a fresh raw wedge in a class shape.  Offering multiple grinds for golfers who play the traditional 56/60 setup will work to guarantee a proper fit, and effective turf interaction regardless of the swing style.  For more information on the Cobra PUR wedge, visit

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