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Watch this till the end…We promise!
There has been a lot of talk on the THP Forum as of late on the question asked, what would you do if you were given 60 seconds in a golf warehouse to grab anything you wanted. THP TV decided to ask our friends at Budget Golf for some thought on this as well.

If you are on the THP Mobile App, click on over to the THP TV section to watch this video in it’s entirety and then head over to the THP Forum to discuss your thoughts on the entire idea.

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  1. Ron disoosion says:

    Ryan…what a clown

  2. Todd Williams says:

    Heck yeah. I would be all over that. I would be grabbing some Mizuno or Wilson irons, Cleveland or Mizuno wedges, FJ or Nike shoes and yes a driver probably go for the Wilson Triton and then throw another one in for good measure. Probably multiples of each.

  3. Drumdog says:

    Of course I would love to have a 60 sweep through the Budget Golf warehouse ! I would start at the Callaway isle and grab everything in the Epic wood line, then on to the Apex iron sets, next would be the MD3 wedges, of course an Odyssey O-Work V-Line Fang would join the cart, 3 dozen Callaway Chrome Soft Yellow balls would be next, a tour bag to hold all the beautiful stuff and then to finish up, a half dozen different pairs of Adidas shoes in size 13.

    Count me in !!

  4. dhartmann34 says:

    Let’s just say I’d probably have a heart attack from the excitement of trying to get through and pick things…and it’d be legendary.

  5. Golfinnut says:

    I have to know the layout of the store before hand though … just so I know where to run to first! LOL

  6. afwcardinal says:

    60 second run through the Budget Golf warehouse would be crazy fun.

  7. Time4tim says:

    This is so awesome. Would be crazy fun. I know I would think up a strategy to be able to use my time the best. I’ll put my track shoes on. Let’s do this.

  8. hackernation says:

    It’s coming!!!!!! Like my posts on the forum and twitter, this would be so fun to watch and even more awesome to participate in. Grab a set of each in hopes you grabbed the set you wished for….lol I would definitely look for Srixon, Callaway, and Cleveland’s names on those boxes and grab those first.

  9. bmongi1 says:

    Some serious planning and consideration would be in order. I’ve been daydreaming about this since the idea was mentioned. Talk about a dream come true!

  10. Good Stuff says:

    I would feel really confused the whole time on what to grab. This would be soooo…. crazy good!

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