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Despite having garnered some early buzz at the PGA Show, Devereux is a company that most will not have heard of just yet. However, offering a unique take on what style is meant to accomplish both on the course and off of it, they are certainly worth learning more about.

Meet Devereux, a contemporary new line of men’s apparel that gets it.

We understand the fashion challenges faced by men today, because we feel them too.

Whether out on the course or out on the town, you want proper threads. We went looking for clothes that could bridge the gap between modern men’s fashion and progressive golf styles.

But we came back empty-handed.

Armed with determination and inspired by Hogan, Palmer and Player – great players and great dressers – we set out to create what we could not find.

The stuff legends are made of.

And in 2013, Devereux was born

The brainchild of Robert and Will Brunner, brothers and avid golfers, the Devereux collection is premium-quality modern menswear that fits your lifestyle while keeping you in-style and authentic.

Simple-yet-sophisticated pieces in contemporary colors and Superb attention to detail – are as easy to pair as they are to wear. Clean modern styles are designed to fit properly and inspire performance, both on and off the course. Specifically tailored to move seamlessly from workday to weekend and beyond, the Devereux line is all about modern sophistication, everyday elegance and simple versatility. Clothes you can wear confidently, comfortably and above all – they make you look as great as they make you feel.

Featured Items:

THP was able to sample a couple of the shirt offerings from the Devereaux collection. Both shirts proved to be extremely versatile from the standpoint of being worn on the course and off of it – clean styles that catch the eye with their simplicity and detail.

  • Matthew

The Matthew is an extremely clean 65/35 Pima/Poly design with the largest portion of the shirt focused on various color options. The collar, shoulder line, and sleeves on the shirt sampled feature a dark blue palette with the collar and lower section of the shirt finished out in white. In order to round out the design, the inner collar, inner button section, and borders of the sleeves are finished in coral. 

The design is well balanced and flows well with a variety of different outfit pairings both on the course and casually. The fit was true to size with a more modern athletic type cut, which the company refers to as “tailored” and not a slim fit.  The Matthew wore nicely and through multiple washes had no seam, bleeding, or piling issues. Retail price on the Matthew $84.95.

  • Welch

The Welch is also a 65/35 Pima/Poly blend that is a design with a central stripe section across the chest to contrast the color of the main body and features a pocket as well as inner color in a third highlight color.  The color palette of the version that THP was able to try was white with a steel central section and coral accents.  

The Welch was the standout of the two designs sampled, as the contrast of the actual shirt layout lends itself to a variety of different body types thanks to the accents of the pocked and contrasting chest stripe. Part of the uniqueness to the Welch is the abstractly shaped pocket and button down collar – very different, but it all ties together well into a modern look with classic tendencies. Like the Matthew the fit is true to size leaning on the modern athletic cut and it works both on the course and off. The Welch too wore and washed extremely well without any piling issues or any breakdowns elsewhere. Retail price on the Welch is also $84.95.

Final Thoughts:

In all the options within Devereaux’s line that THP was able to take a closer look at carry with them a unique take on what golf style should be that is a bit different than what we are in the midst of “popularly” right now. The articles feature quality materials, heavy stitching, and are comfortable along with wearing well, which should be expected given their higher end price-point. For more information on Devereaux and their lineup, check out their website at

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  • I really like the looks of both shirts a lot, the color combinations really fit my eye and the cut looks great.

    Thanks for the write up James.

  • Very stylish and something different. Can be worn off the course and still look good. Nice write-up.

  • Pretty sharp looking shirts. I definitely like that they fit true to size and that they wear well.

  • Thanks for the review, James! Some really nice threads from this company.

  • Got to see these shirts first hand this past weekend. The quality and look of them are great. The price tag is a big much for me personally.

  • Great review and pics Jman, well done. You nailed it with these shirts actually having a unique look, I like it. The shirts just scream quality, style and comfort. They are now officially on my radar.

  • Some good looking threads, they look comfortable. May have to try these out.

  • Nice review James. That Matthew polo is sharp! Clothes looks to have a nice fit and are stylish for sure. I will be on the lookout for this stuff.

  • Simple yet sophisticated is a great description for this line. The patterns are fantastic and you can tell these are made very well, hence the price point but that price still hurts and without a major sale these are just out of my budget.

    Thanks for the Spotlight James, really digging the color and patterns used.

  • I really like the looks of this line. I am leaning more towards the Matthew line only because I am not a big fan of the pockets, but both look good and will be on the look out for these. Great stuff James.

  • My son who is in his 30’s would be more likely to like that look than his dad who is very conservative on and off the golf course. Probably a look for the younger generation.

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