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Among the great things about the golf industry is that there are so many different areas to improve and more and more companies are always trying to help do just that. One such example is HoleOut Golf, a company who is striving to provide golfers with not only aids in sharpening their skills, but also through more practical accessories which can be used on the course.

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The company was kind enough to send in some of their products for THP to get a closer look at just what they do.

About the Company:

Our mission is to provide golfers of all skill levels greater enjoyment and skill doing what they love.

Our products have been designed on the course by golfers like you. We play for the love of the game and are always trying to make the playing experience better for you and for us.

Each of HoleOut’s products is carefully designed and tested to rigorous standards. We want our products to stand the test of time and see you through hole after hole of play.  

And best of all, we proudly mold all of our products in the United States of America.

Holeout’s unique designs add skill and convenience to any golfer’s game.

Anti-Sway and Anti-Sway Pro:

HoleOut Golf on the Anti-Sway:

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AntiSway’s™ brilliant design demands proper form that will help you produce consistently pure shots you can take to the course.

  • AntiSway adjusts to every golfer, every club, every stance. Even your putter.
  • Keep that back leg rock solid. Just watch the Pro’s rear knee and you will know.
  • I beam design allows for superior strength, yet is flexible enough for excellent “feedback” pressure against the lower leg.
  • This clever device fits easily into your golf bag.

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From your first swing you will feel instant feedback on how much you actually sway. With AntiSway you will be trapping the ball and squeezing off shot after shot.

HoleOut Golf on the Anti-Sway Pro:

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AntiSway Pro™ offers the same sway-eliminating elements of Antisway™, but with it’s dual-armature design it provides the added function of eliminating the power robbing effects of straightening the rear knee. Just watch the Pro’s rear knee and you will know. 

  • AntiSway Pro adjusts to every golfer, every club, every stance.
  • Keep that back leg rock solid left to right AND front to back.
  • I beam design allows for superior strength, yet is flexible enough for excellent “feedback” pressure against the lower leg.
  • Antisway Pro also comes with a flexible leash so you never need to reset.

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From your first swing you will feel instant feedback on how much you actually sway. With AntiSway you will be trapping the ball and squeezing off shot after shot.

In-Hand Thoughts:

Sometimes the simplest of training aids are the most interesting, and that is true here of the Anti-Sway and Anti-Sway Pro. These are extremely simple “devices” for an issue which we typically don’t see a lot training aids being produced. The initial concern out of the box was that the devices are made of plastic but once you get them in hand it is clear that the durability is there. In terms of feedback, they do precisely what they aim to by letting you know when/if you slide or sway into that right side by pressure of the I-Beam on the side of the upper ankle region for the standard version and also if the right (or left as it works for RH and LH golfers) knee is straightening on the Pro version thanks to the additional beam. Two other solid traits are that they are easy to adjust for height thanks to a simple screw knob, and more importantly take up very little space in the golf bag. How effective the devices are will obviously vary from golfer to golfer and is for the individual to decide, but it is evident there is promise to such a simple and straight forward idea/design.

The Anti-Sway is priced at $34.90 and the Anti-Sway Pro at $59.99


HoleOut Golf on the PerfecTowel:

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PerfecTowel™ blows all other towels away with six cleaning surfaces in a super-compact package.

  • 3 wet and 3 dry cleaning surfaces.
  • Do the dirty work with the 4 ‘inside’ surfaces keeping the 2 outer surfaces clean for face & hands.
  • USGA conforming Hook hangs from your putter, so it’s always where you need it: on your bag and on the green.
  • Internal hanger will not rust, break or tear away, and can be removed in seconds for easy towel washing.
  • Towel Caddy can hook to your pant pocket keeping your towel off the ground. You’ll never leave your towel on the last green again.
  • Deep cleaning waffle-pattern micro-fiber material.

PerfecTowel™ is the best towel in the industry. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll never use a lesser towel again.

In-Hand Thoughts:

The HoleOut company is incredibly proud of their PerfecTowel design, to the point at which on the video posted on their site they call it “The best towel on planet golf”. High claims without a doubt, but you have to give them credit for bringing excitement to the golf product which most simply grab and go. Though there are other wet/dry combination towels on the market, the PerfecTowel can actually function with 3 dry and 3 wet sections in one towel. In terms of effectiveness, it’s a micro-fiber material so it cleans well, and it is nice to be able to have sections for clubs, balls, and your hands/face. The towel is a bit on the small side overall, but this makes it pretty effective for carrying to the green with you. Speaking of that, the hook mechanism on the towel may be the coolest feature as it will clip to the shaft of any club you are carrying with you making it great for not leaving the towel behind in the cart or on the green. Though it isn’t likely to revolutionize anything, it is certainly a cool and effective product for what the company wanted it to achieve.

The PerfecTowel is priced at $21.99

 Parting Thoughts:

We know that not every training aid or accessory will be for everyone, but the more options that are out there, the more chances someone does find something that really works for them. HoleOut golf is one of the more diversified companies that we have seen when it comes to providing products which address a lot of different areas and it really is nice to see.

For more information on all that they offer, check out their site

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