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While our readers may not be innately familiar with the name Linksoul, almost all will recognize the name John Ashworth, or least the last name. Linksoul is a creation of this golf apparel veteran, and brings to market a look and feeling that is unlike much of what we are seeing in the market today.

The Linksoul Mission



Linksoul is more of a philosophy than a brand. It is the collective life’s work of a group of people that care about each other and enjoy collaborating. We believe in making things with our hands, with the people we love, for the good of our families and our surroundings.

We come from a long line of golfers, craftsmen and artists. It is our idea that through these practices we can learn the most about ourselves. The word “linksoul” comes simply from the term “links soul”, which was an expression of the combination of virtues we found through playing golf… and now seek in whatever we do. Our mission is to reconnect people to the soul of the game.

John Ashworth began playing with the idea of Linksoul over twenty years ago while building Ashworth, Inc. After leaving Ashworth, and following a long and winding road through several creative endeavors from course design in Scotland, to designing Quiksilver’s golf apparel line, Fidra, and back to Ashworth again for another run. Through it all he collected an all-star team, and with them continued to nurture and grow this idea of Linksoul. Together, after years of conceptualizing, collecting, developing and designing, we are very pleased to birth Linksoul.

After several laps around the track, we’re looking to expand beyond the current definitions of “business as usual” when it comes to making and selling goods and participating as a socially and environmentally responsible company within the community. It’s no longer just about golf, it’s about everything. (…but golf is still mandatory on Fridays.)

We thank you for taking an interest in our work, and welcome anyone who wants to come play with us…

The Peacemaker

Quickly browsing Linksoul’s website reveals that this is an apparel brand made not just for playing golf, but also for the golf lifestyle. This is illustrated perfectly by The Peacemaker, a simple and clever t-shirt that THP sampled.

Running true to size, this t-shirt is a simple navy blue. The golf themed logo on the front is an amusing way to incorporate the golfer’s lifestyle into the most casual of apparel. The Peacemaker is one of many uniquely designed logo t-shirts available from Linksoul.


This pocket knit shirt is an updated classic, with the pocket on the right in a traditional golf placement. Made with 100% luxury cotton jersey this shirt is crafted with our secret special proprietary finish that makes it easy to care for and NO IRON NEEDED. It’s super soft, light weight, no fading, no pilling, no shrinkage…feels like butter.  This will be the best golf shirt you have ever worn.  The Linksoul fit is modern– not big and boxy, but not too snug and fitted either… the way a shirt should fit a man.

A departure from the sometimes garish golf shirts seen so often today, Haze is one of many color options available in this laid back series of shirts from Linksoul. This is high-end 100% cotton shirt and it feels both luxurious and incredibly informal at the same time. This is definitely something that can be worn a number of places, including the golf course, tucked or un-tucked.

A normal wash and dry cycle showed that ironing truly wasn’t needed and there wasn’t any shrinkage to speak of. The fit is mostly true to size, though those that are on the edge between two sizes, or are looking to conceal a larger midsection, will likely find ‘sizing up’ the best option. The sleeves hung about two inches above the elbow, yet offered plenty of room to complete a golf swing. This is a fantastic shirt that is incredibly versatile in how and where it can be worn.


In addition to warm weather apparel, Linksoul has a nice range of outerwear, ranging from premium cashmere sweaters to basic cotton pullovers. THP got a look at the 100% luxury innosoft cotton ¼-zip sweater. This pullover was extremely soft to the touch, fit true to size, and proved to be a great match for layering in late fall weather.


Complimenting the diverse Linksoul line of apparel are a number of hats and other accessories. THP got a look at the flat-billed Trucker Hat, which matched nicely with the shirts. Those folks looking for something a little more traditional won’t be disappointed either, as Linksoul offers a number of different styles, including structured, unstructured, visors, and beanies.

Linksoul’s entire catalog can be seen on their website, They bring a fresh take on golf fashion that should appeal to a broad group of age groups and style preferences. The high end materials and trendy, but simple designs are a great way to stand out in the crowd while maintaining a little understated elegance.

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