Conclusion of Fall Fashion Preview

For the past three weeks The Hackers Paradise has put up a new preview each and every day for Fall Fashion Preview. Each day a new company that specializes in some of the best Mens and Womens apparel has been featured on our site to give our readers a sneak peak at what is hitting stores right now in the world of golf fashion. Brands large and small have been included and overall we covered 18 brands for everybody and even launched a few new ones that people may not have heard of yet.

Spring and Fall Fashion Preview are two of our favorite times here at THP. It is also one of the busiest times of the year as readers seem to really like seeing the latest in the world of apparel. This Fall was the largest gathering we have ever covered and it lasted about three weeks to get it all in. If you missed any of our articles, do not hesitate to check back and see them all. You can find them all starting right here. THP STYLE

Here is a list of brands that have been featured over the last 3 weeks that you can find in our Style Section.

– Cleveland Classics
– Travis Mathew
– Nike
– Antigua
– House of Carrington
– Golftini
– Adidas
– Lija
– Swing by Bette & Court
– Etonic
– Ahead
– Kate Lord
– Ashworth
– Donna Bonn
– Lela Designs
– Ian Poulter Designs

We hope each and every reader enjoys the previews that we put out. We want to hear from you!
What did you like about it?
What did you dislike?
What brands were your favorite and least favorite?
What brands were missing?
What can THP do differently, if anything, for Spring Fashion Preview coming in February?

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  • I read the previews you guys did almost every single day. I love seeing all the new clothes and love the clickable pictures to see huge photos.

    My favorites were definitely learning about some of the companies that I had not heard of yet. I cannot wait for Spring.

  • Never been a clothes guy but liked reading about the new stuff. Moreso I liked seeing all the pictures. Ashworth, Puma, Nike, and a few others really topped my list.

  • I loved seeing everything. My favorite had to be Lija. Love their stuff and have since bought an outfit.

  • I have become a real clothes guy since joining this site. Thanks for all the previews. My favorites so far have been Cleveland Classics and Nike.

  • Loved it all and cant wait till spring.

  • This was a fun couple of weeks for me. I read the equipment reviews and find them fun, but I never thought I would like to read the clothing stuff until this. Its really cool seeing all the new stuff.

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