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A few months back, THP debuted the contest #BeATourPlayer and it was a lot of fun watching a lucky THPer win gear just like the pros use. Being a sponsored tour player is about being a part of a brand. THP is going to make a THPer a tour player a few times this year and today we launch the second contest in the series where the winner gets the treatment from Srixon Golf.

The Sponsorship (Prizes)
Finding the right irons is part of the task of a tour player and Srixon has sets that can fit any golfer. The Z-565 and Z-765 continue to get rave reviews from players of all skill levels and as part of this package, you will choose which set you would like to have in the bag. To go along with that, the Srixon tour players show off the brand proudly so the winner will get a tour hat and multiple gloves to make sure that they are always looking the part on the course. Finally, those irons are fantastic, but you need to be able to show off the right ball falling into the cup with everybody watching, so multiple dozen of the new Srixon Z-STAR or Z-STAR XV will be arriving as well.

Everything you need to fit in perfectly as a tour player with THP and Cleveland Golf.

How To Enter
Being a tour player is all about representing the brand properly. You’re job will be to tell the world why you want to win this contest and #BeATourPlayer. Head over to the THP Forum and follow the instructions in the forum thread on how to enter. It’s quick, easy and could leave you ready to get the call to the big leagues with this huge prize pack.

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  1. Vortex says:

    Fantastic contest with a great sponsor in Srixon. Hardest part is picking the Z-565 or Z-765, if you’re lucky enough to win.

  2. Obed Torres says:

    Sooo, we get a choice of two of the best looking and performing irons in the marketplace, multiple dozen ZStar or XV golf balls that are getting rave reviews, a hat and gloves and all we basically have to do is send a tweet?

    Doesn’t sound quite right

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