Contest: Bridgestone Championship

This weekend is the THP Event called the Bridgestone Championship. 8 THP Forum Members will be at Firestone CC for a weekend to remember for a long time. While they will be attending a VIP function with Bridgestone execs and players, there will be a little golf played as well.

Part of the weekend is two man team competition and just because you are not there, does not mean you can’t win along with those competing.

The Contest
Your job will be to pick which team you think will win. The caveat is that there are two competitions going on, one where all of the teams are playing against each other and one where all of the teams are competing against the two Team Bridgestones. We will randomly select a winner out of those that choose correctly and they will receive a THP Prize Pack filled with Bridgestone Golf goodies.

So your job is simple. Pick the team of THPers (not teams Bridgestone) that you think will win the 2019 Bridgestone Championship and as a bonus, pick which of the two Teams from Bridgestone fares better against the Teams of THPers.

How to Enter
Entries go in the THP Forum thread and you will also be able to follow along to every last detail, as it happens all weekend long in the same Live Update Thread.

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