Contest – Driver vs Driver Kicks Off Tonight

Two weeks ago a group of THPers got to watch some of the new Golf Channel series Driver vs Driver with the people on it from Wilson Staff and learn a bit about the history of where the show came from, why it exists and what their goals are from it. After the presentation the entire group was pretty much in agreement, that for anybody that enjoys golf equipment, this is must watch TV.

The Idea
THP TV sat down with Doug Thiel from Wilson Golf to discuss where the idea came from and what people can expect from the show.

Watch the first episode when it airs on 10/4 on the Golf Channel (or afterward) and send a tweet using @WilsonGolf @THPGolf and #DriverVsDriver and you could win. The way it will work is easy.

1. Watch the episode
2. Send tweet with the info above with some feedback on the show (remember to watch episode before tweet is sent)
3. Post that tweet in the live update thread on the THP Forum (link below)

Then of course, discuss the show in that thread at your leisure with others that are watching it. Should be fun to talk about the science behind the equipment THPers all love. For those that have been to a THP Event with Wilson, you will even see many of the people you know, on the screen, which is fun.

The Prize
Limited Edition cover featuring the iconic Wilson Staff Shield meeting up with the THP Log and and much more
Dozen Wilson Staff Golf Duo Urethane Golf Balls
And a surprise or two that cannot be revealed as of yet, but pretty darn awesome.

Here is the THP Forum Thread where you will post your entry to qualify for this awesome contest.

Driver vs Driver Contest Thread

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