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Contest – Last Call For #SeriouslyLimited Wilson Staff D-100 Irons

The 2013 US Open was full of drama down to the wire, not only because of the great golf being played, but because of the exciting contest THP was hosting with Wilson Golf. The prize, a limited edition Wilson D-100 iron set in which only 10 were made. Well, THP has decided that this set is just too perfect to stop at just one giveaway, so instead, you have a chance to win a second set (also part of the limited to just 10) starting today.

The Prize
Seriously Limited & Seriously Long.
A true work of art and there are only 10 made in the entire world. These limited edition D-100 irons from Wilson Staff would look great as a keepsake or put in play and dazzle with distance.

One entry only per participant.
To enter, follow the steps below.
This contest is open to anybody that would like to participate.
The winner will be randomly drawn.
The deadline of this contest is Friday June 21st, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. All entries must be received by then to be considered.

Entering the contest is done in two steps.
Step 1 – Follow @hackersparadise and @WilsonGolf on Twitter.
Step 2 – Send this tweet from your Twitter account. ” I want to win the @WilsonGolf Limited Edition D-100 Irons from @HackersParadise to achieve #GreaterResults –> http://bit.ly/11TZPb9 ”

THP will announce the winner of the contest on the THP Forum at the conclusion.

If you are not a forum member but would like to sign up, Click Here. Registration is always fast, free, and easy

Good luck everybody.

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Josh Babbitt


Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  • This is so awesome! I would love to win these for my father:) Im trying to get him into playing golf and could use help for the irons. Thank you THP & Wilson Staff!

  • Awesome! Thanks THP and Wilson Golf! My picks were so bad, I’m not sure I deserve a second chance, though.

  • How easy was that?

  • Wow, this is great stuff from Wilson Golf! These irons look great! Thanks THP and Wilson!

  • #SeriouslyAwesome! Thanks THP and Wilson Golf for a second chance at this fantastic prize.

  • Incredible. 20% of these Irons will be in the hands of THPers. Good luck everyone and Thanks to THP and Wilson

  • You guy are awesome. I came up just short in the other contest. Crossing fingers again. Thanks Wilson and THP

  • Another amazing opportunity!!

    I am in!


  • Thank you Wilson Golf and THP for yet another fabulous opportunity!

  • Wow! A second chance at these beauties.

  • This is great! Thanks THP and Wilson for this incredible opportunity!


  • Thanks THP and Wilson Golf for a second opportunity to win these awesome irons.

  • Thats awesome for a 2nd chance to win these!!


  • Easy peasy, all entered!


  • Awesome! Thanks THP and Wilson!


  • Nice! Tweeted and stoked to have another chance at these babies!


  • amazing! 2 limited edition sets to 2 THPer’s!
    very sweet!

  • Awesome deal. Thanks Wilson and THP.

  • Wilson Staff and THP is seriously bringing a second helping of awesome.

  • Thanks to THP and Wilson Golf for another great opportunity for some sweet irons!

  • Sweet! I want these so bad


  • I know I would absolutely love to win this set of D-100’s. I hit them at the outing and they are solid performers. Thank you THP & Wilson Golf for this great chance at these limited edition irons.


  • awesome another chance to win these beauties!

  • This is great! Good luck!

    Thanks THP / Wilson

  • Done. Can’t believe THP and Wilson Golf are giving away ANOTHER set!

  • Super generous – thanks so very much for the opportunity to win THP and Wilson!

  • Thanks Wilson Golf! What a beautiful set of irons.

  • Truly incredible guys. Thanks for this opportunity for some awesome-looking clubs.


  • These will get a round and than hang on the wall of awesomeness.

  • I’m in! Thanks WIlson Staff and THP for another shot at these beauties.


  • Wow 2 sets for THP , This place is special !

  • In.


  • Thanks THP and Wilson for the opportunity.


  • Thanks to THP and wilson to help make memebers better golfers. Nice looking clubs.

  • Seriously! Limited edition irons, nice! Wilson’s have always been solid.


  • These look seriously long and would love to get them.


  • These irons are more than just eye candy!


  • What a great additional opportunity…thank you! Best of luck to all that shout this out!


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