Contest: Pick the Winner of the 2017 Grandaddy of them All!

It is finally here. The event that caps a wonderful year and one that is often billed as “The Perfect Golf Event” begins next week 12 lucky THP Forum Members are flown to California for a chance to spend the week getting fit for new clubs and playing at one of the finest golf courses. It can only be billed as The Grandaddy.

Year long buildup with contests to gain entry as twelve THP members and twelve members of the Callaway marketing team, affectionately known as the Zoo Crew, will arrive in Palm Springs for the war to settle the score.

This year, THP and Callaway Golf have a staff out on the range and course covering all of the action for everybody, and posting those updates in the THP Live Update Thread. Amanda Balionis, Tony Toulon, Jeff Newton and JB from THP will all be bringing you the action in the Live Update thread on the THP Forum. The golf trip of a lifetime is laid out over three days beginning in Carlsbad where each participant will get fit for new clubs at the Ely Callaway Performance Center and then head to Palm Springs to play golf at one of the finest courses in the country, where they will put their new clubs to the test.

But just because you are not headed to play, does not mean you can’t be a part of the action. First you will be able to follow along live and see everything the participants do, right here on the THP Forum.

Before the festivities kick off Monday evening though, you have a chance at a BIG Contest! Entering is easy and all you have to do is pick the winner. Team Prestige made up of lucky THPers or Team Zoo Crew, from Callaway Golf.

The Prize
Well, we actually can’t tell you yet, but let’s just call it a THP Prize Pack that is absolutely fantastic and featuring stuff that will be seen and found at The Grandaddy.

How to Enter
Entering is easy. All you have to do is make your selection in the comments section below.
Will you pick Team THP or Team Zoo Crew!

The Teams
Team THP
MikeDean441 – Captain

Team Callaway

Harry Arnett – Captain
Chad Coleman
AJ Voelpel
Chris Velardo
Jason Finley
Ethan Ganot
Pete Avery
Luke Williams
Tyler Shean
Dave Neville
Scott Goryl
Ian Barrett

Then, tune into this thread on the THP Forum for live updates of #TheGrandaddy beginning Monday night with the first group dinner.

One entry per person
Entries must be posted by the end of 12/5 PST.
Winner will be announced on the THP Forum.

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  • Team Callaway takes the belt back.

  • I want to play in this next year. I should have entered them this year. My game is ready to win. I think the Zoo Crew will win this year and then when I get in next year ThP gets it back.

  • Team Prestige

  • Team Prestige ftw!!!!!!

  • Team THP all the way. Team is loaded with talent

  • Got to go with Team Perestige

  • Team Prestige retains the belt!

  • Team Prestige will win it again for THP.

  • Give me the THP gang. BigTime won’t let us down, get it done son!

  • Just to clarify Team Prestige THP Pringles MVP

  • ZOO CREW!!!

  • ZOO CREW!!! To take back the belt

  • Going with Team Prestige FTW!!

  • Team Prestige keeps the belt. #Trending, #Winning, #GranddaddyGolf.

  • Captain 441 continues his success as a captain and leads team Prestige to victory!

  • My KOD Grandaddy pick is the Zoo Crew! I’ve been wrong the last 2 years, you’re welcome #TeamPrestige ?

  • My predictions rarely work out, so I am going to go with the Zoo Crew. Good luck Team Prestige, have a great time!

  • Gotta go with the #zoocrew on this one.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever picked the Grandaddy winner correctly. I flipped a coin this year. I’m pulling for Team Prestige, but the coin came up Zoo Crew, so the Zoo Crew is my pick.

  • Prestige keeps the belt with the internet golfers for another year.

  • I’ve got a feeling the Zoo Crew is taking this one back this year. I really hope I’m wrong though.

  • Zoo Crew with team Callaway will walk away with it this year.

  • If my picking is anything like fantasy sports I’ll pick who I don’t want to win and they will win! With that I select The ZooCrew as the “winners”.

  • Im going with team THP for the win !!!!

  • Team Prestige all day long! Enjoy the journey!

  • Hate to go against THP, but I say Zoo Crew takes this one with the new additions to the team.

  • I’m going to go with the Zoo Crew cause my brother, JDax is on Team THP and I don’t think his game can hold up under the pressure! Hahaha! Hope you have a great time bro! Best of luck!

  • Team THP wins 2nd year in a row. BlakeHall MVP

  • Zoo Crew, just because

  • Gotta go with team prestige!

  • Team THP all the way! Back-to-back champs!

  • Team Callaway takes the belt back.

  • Edit….Team Zoo Crew, if we need to be specific with the name for searching purposes.

  • Team Zoo Crew will take the belt back. Sorry Team Prestige!

  • Team Prestige all the way!

  • Play the odds, play the #zoocrew

  • Looks like #zoocrew this year, too many sticks.

  • Team THP!!! Go Pringles!

  • Team THP is too solid to deny the repeat. Team Prestige and it’s not even close!

  • Team Callaway gets revenge for last year and takes the belt back.

  • Zootopia was a great movie. Gotta run with the Zoo

  • Team Prestige!!

  • Team THP for me

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