Contest: PING G400 Max Driver

Recently THP reviewed the PING G400 Max driver and if you missed that article, you can find it here. The company added to their lineup of 3 with the new Max and here is a THP TV Quick Tech showing the weight placement differences of each model.

Want to try this driver out for yourself? Today is your lucky day courtesy of Budget Golf, all you have to do is follow these three quick and easy steps to enter.

1. Watch the 45 second video above.

2. Post in the comments below why the G400 Max is the driver for you based on what was shown.

3. Sit back and see if you won.

That is it. Later this week, we will announce the winner on the THP Forum and you could have it in hand before you know it.

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  • I would like to get more distance with more accuracy and forgiveness and the Ping G400 Max is the club for me

  • My current driver has a draw face, but with the different weight placements added to your already strong line of clubs, Io’m confident that I’ll regain my distance and accuracy I’ve been lacking.

  • I feel if you are going to play the game, then nothing but the best will do.

  • I need all the forgiveness I can get. MAX forgiveness

  • Getting back into golf. This driver would be an assest to the bag I am getting ready to build up. One of my longest drives was with a Ping Driver.

  • I need the higher launch

  • Forgiveness would be the primary reason; higher launch would be secondary.

  • Although the other g400 drivers are good drivers, I already have a very low launch angle and tend to draw the ball naturally. As such, the g400 max is the driver for me as it would help my launch angle and provide me maximum forgiveness.

  • I need all the help I can…but still love to play!

  • I like the higher launch!

  • My 9 year old daughter started golfing and we want to have family golf outings. After a 9 year break my wife needs a new driver. Would really love be to surprise her with one! Thanks

  • looks like this will give me the help I need for a better game

  • Love the sleek design I would like to win this for my boyfriend for fathers day

  • I love the ability to get a high initial launch when needed.

  • Overall Great attributes

  • Hm! Varying the launch angle seems a pretty interesting option (not always the case with varying loft, I don’t think).

  • Love the weight adjustment, so I can get higher velocity and distance with my drives. The Ping G400 MAX is exactly the kind of Driver I need, to get an edge on my game. All of my friends play PING, but none of them have a G400 MAX!

  • I need help

  • My husband has had his eye on this one for awhile.

  • I like that PING’s technology enables the center of gravity to be positioned lower and deeper in the clubhead than is the case with the other G400 models

  • I am intrigued by the PING’s ability to deliver a deep, muted sound and feel at impact.

  • I could always use a little forgiveness and a slightly higher launch.

  • My driver is wrapped around a tree trunk.I need a new PING DRIVER .

  • spin reduction

  • I need to replace my 14 year old driver. I need more forgiveness and a higher launch angle.

  • The spin reduction! Plus, it’s awesome looking.

  • The forgiveness is provides would be my NUMBER ONE reason!!!

  • I’d love it for the forgiveness and overall performance of the club. I’ve seen first hand the difference this club makes from my buddy in league when he put it in his bag. Looking for some more ball speed across entire face and forgiveness.

  • Better launch conditions and a great look. The g400 seems to look after all golfers. The g400 max looks like the driver with that perfect mix of launch and forgiveness that I am looking for.

  • Always have trouble closing the face at impact! And I’m basically a Bad Boy so I can always use a little forgiveness. LOL

  • Ping G400 Max is just what our need to reshape my game

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