Contest – Share The Memories sponsored by U.S. Kids Golf

THP and U.S. Kids Golf are partnering for a very special contest that should be one of the best reads on the internet. Prizes for both young and old and be focused on something important to THP, family.


The Prizes
It is all about family with this and the prizes are for both. The winner will receive a new set of clubs for their child (or a child they know) as well as a golf bag with their name on it. With U.S. Kids, clubs are not one size fits all, so we will make sure we are getting the right clubs in their hands for their size. The adult will receive a THP Prize pack, packed with incredible stuff. You won’t know what’s coming until it arrives, but let’s just say it’s 100% AWESOME!

Share The Memory
Share the Memory is all about sharing the memories that you have as either a child with a family member or as an adult with your child (or another child). As long as it has to do with golf and family, it is part of the contest. It could be the course, it could be the range, it could be the first time you were a caddy for a little one or even just the first time the golf course was found. If it’s your favorite we want to hear it.

We know all about the special bond that can be created with family and this wonderful game and want to hear all about it. U.S. Kids Golf shares this special bond and is looking forward to hearing from THPers.

Entering the contest is as easy as clicking here and reading the directions on the THP Forum.

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