Contest – THP & Callaway Golf US Open Inspired Staff Bag

It’s US Open time and with the rain scheduled to dump on the tournament most of the day, THP thought it would be fun to celebrate this wonderful major with another contest.  This one for a limited edition Callaway staff bag.

The Prize
Just as the picture shows, one of the US Open inspired Callaway Staff bags delivered from THP right to your door.  Phil Mickelson embroidery not included

One entry only per participant.
To enter, follow the steps below.
This contest is open to anybody that would like to participate.
The winner will be randomly drawn.
The deadline of this contest is Sunday June 16th, 2013 at 2pm EST. All entries must be received by then to be considered.

You enter the contest two ways.
Step 1 – Leave a comment in the section below explaining why you would like this beautiful staff bag.


Step 2 – On Twitter, follow both @CallawayGolf & @hackersparadise.  Then, send out a tweet about the contest; You must include these 3 things in the message: @hackersparadise @CallawayGolf & #StaffBagBeauty.

THP will announce the winner of the contest on the THP Forum at the conclusion. Cost of shipping the prize is covered for THP Albatross Club Members. Not a member and want to sign up, click here.

If you are not a forum member but would like to sign up, Click Here. Registration is always fast, free, and easy

Good luck everybody.

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  • I want this bag to start my collection of Callaway swag! Looking for new irons in 2014 and this would be a great place to hold new irons during that year. Plus it gives me the one up on my brothers who I play with.

    Great job THP and Callaway for setting this up. Absolutely beautiful.


  • First, big kudos to THP and Callaway for another outstanding contest.

    Who wouldn’t want to own this great looking golf bag. I would specially like to win it in time for the 4th of july and rock a patriotic golf bag this 4th and the rest of the year.


  • I will be the envy of the company golf tournament with this beautiful Callaway staff bag.

  • Just a cool bag, that’s all!

  • This is a sweet looking Callaway bag, one I’d love to show off on the course, although I believe it may be bigger than I am.

  • Winning the Callaway staff bag would be incredible. It would be great to sport the red white and blue while also supporting a great company like Callaway Golf.

    Thanks THP and Callaway for the opportunity.

  • Great looking bag! It would match my cart!!

  • First staff bag, would be a great one to start with. National pride, callaway, THP coming together.

    Twitter: Zenger419

  • This back looks awesome, I would love to have a cool looking bag like this and it would go well with my Callaway golf clubs. I would definately jump for joy if this came to mydoor.

  • @mcook77_THP

    I want to win this beautiful US Open edition Callaway staff bag so that I can proudly rock the Red, White, and Blue twice a year along with Callaway Golf.

    Yep – you read that right, twice a year: Memorial Day and Independence Day

    While the Callaway Masters edition bag was sweet, this bag tugs at my heart strings and my pride of living in and loving this wonderful country of ours!

  • Staff bags are awesome. The US Open is awesome. Callway Golf is awesome. Put all that awesome together, and it would be awesome. I want to be awesome to.

  • …because it’s beautiful


  • I need a new bag badly. Winning this beautiful Callaway bag would be awesome!

  • I would love this sweet looking Callaway bag! I’ve wanted a staff bag for some time and what could be better than this awesome Callaway bag?

  • Who wouldn’t want to own one of these amazing limited staff bags – I would love to own a staff bag and this would be one of the best ones to win

    The generosity of THP and Callaway is unlike anything I have ever seen, so if I was to win one of these I would promote this wonderful place to anyone who will listen


  • Forty years ago, when I was a teenager falling in love with golf, I bought my very first golf bag at a Kmart. It was red, white and blue and to this day it was the smartest-looking bag I’ve ever owned. Nostalgia is a powerful pull, and Callaway’s beautiful bag reminds me of the bag I lugged across the fairways (and rough) of the Grant Park municipal links all those years ago. Whether I win or not, just thinking of that time in my life makes me smile.

  • I would like this bag because it would look great with my American flag shoes. Plus my XHot irons/woods and Razr Black driver would look great in the bag.

  • Do you have a bag for left-handed golfers? :o)

  • Huge Lefty fan, would love to add this bag to my collection. Thanks THP and Callaway

  • That cool Callaway bag will be a great home for my new X Hot irons!


  • this bag would make a great replacement to the one i bought in 2005 that is falling apart! USA USA USA!

    twitter @ernie18

  • This might be the perfect get me by bag until the #Grandaddy.

  • What an incredible bag! Oh, that would be sweet to put my sticks in. If I win it, I will for sure be buying the X Hot Pro irons I’ve been lusting after, just to put them in this bad boy! Thanks THP & Callaway!


  • This would be an incredible staff bag to add to my collection….might have to get a new set of Xhot pro’s to go in it!


  • I would love to win this bag because I love THP, Callaway Golf, and America.


  • I would love to have this bag cuz it’s so Callaway patriotic.

  • This is exactly the kind of cool easy contest all us golfers want to be a part of. Thank you for supporting the fun side of golf!

  • Who wouldn’t want this awesome bag? I would love to have this in my collection. This beauty is something you take out only on special occasions. Thanks THP and Callaway!!

  • Such a great looking bag by Callaway! Love the patriotic US theme on this bag; would sport this thing all over the course!!


  • That is one beautiful bag, I would love to win it. I was just looking at it again and realized I forgot to include my twitter name.


  • I want this bag cause its as good looking as my Wilson but with the Pride of America colors!


  • This is one gorgeous staff bag! I have lusted after one of these babies for years. I just graduated college and I’ve been using my old high school bag – it’s definitely time to upgrade, and this bag would definitely be in a loving home if it were to make its way to mine. Thank you so much THP and Callaway for giving the average Joe a chance to win quality gear.

    Also, ‘Merica.


  • Even though I love Callaway swag and am in desperate need of a gear upgrade, I would like this bag for completely unselfish reasons. This bag needs me! What a beautiful bag. Love the paint job. Very patriotic.

  • The Calloway bags are the best looking bags this week! I would love to represent the USA everytime I play.

  • A work of art and what better piece to start my staff bag use. So much attention to detail.

  • What a beauty! Staff bags are gorgeous already, the red, white, and blue take this one over the top. I would love to win this gem and be proud to rock it. Good for at least 2 strokes a round I’d say.

    Thanks Callaway and THP for making one lucky winner a very happy golfer!

  • Who wouldn’t want this beautiful bag?


  • I have always wanted a Staff bag and I can’t think of a better company to rep than Callaway Golf! Not to mention the bag is freakin’ gorgeous!


  • I’d love to win this bag for my husband so he can be proud to take our son golfing! @grumpy1970

  • I’d love the Callaway US Open staff bag because…which golf fan wouldn’t??? It’s a stunner..

    Twitter: @nndosi

  • Theres nothing more than i like than golf and patriotism and this golf bag has both of the things i love in it! Its so good looking and being so close to home this year this bag is extra special! i love the wicker basket zippers. the detail is just amazing! nothing i want more than this bag!!!!!


  • This bag is phenomenal! I would love to add this beauty to the collection. Can’t think of a better bag!

    (I don’t know if I entered with my new twitter handle so I’m resubmitting on here.


  • Cause it is radiates awesomeness

  • would love the bag to store my new callaway irons and support the red,white and blue

  • I need this bag, I should not be rockin a Titleist bag with so many Callaway products in my bag lol

  • I would like to have a staff bag.

  • I would love to have this bag b/c i am just getting into golf and borrowed a bag similar in size and fell in love with is and would realy love to get this bag to start my experiance in golf

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