Contest – Win a Limited Edition Set of KBS Tour Custom Series Shafts

Win a set of KBS Tour Shafts – 2012 Open Championship limited edition!

By now you all know the exciting 1st and 2nd place finish KBS had at this year’s Open Championship! Here is a chance to win one of three commemorative sets of KBS shafts! Both professionals finishing first and second have possibly the best looking swings in the game. Comment on who’s swing you like more and why.

Both trust KBS Tour X flex every week. If you are selected, you will get your choice of the White, Silver or Black finishes in R, S or X flex. Also, these will have 2012 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP laser engraved! The winner will be randomly selected from the commenters at the end of the week.

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  • I’m entered, thanks again THP and KBS, a great opportunity!

  • I prefer Adam Scotts swing. It is smooth, but powerful. I am more of a fan of the orthodox swing styles. His has always been one of my favorites. The transition into the down swing exudes confidence, and power. The swoosh of the clubhead speeds sounds of championships to come. Adam Scotts swing is pure music

  • I love Ernie Else swing it looks so smooth and efffortless yet it is so powerful. What a great week for KBS shafts to have the 1/2 finish is something that a new brand could only dream of.

  • He isn’t called the Big Easy for nothing. That swing is effortless and glides through the ball in a repetitive fashion. I would love that rythem.

  • The Big Easy has the smoothest swing i have ever seen! thats why i personally love KBS shafts you can attack the ball or swing smooth and easy and they have a shaft that will fit your swing perfect!

  • the big easy for sure

  • Thanks for the contest, I am in.

  • I would have to say I prefer Adam Scott’s swing. It is so mechanical and smooth at the same time. His swing is something I hope mine will look like eventually. I could watch his swing all day long, as I find it to be very pretty.

  • I like Scott’s swing, As all players swing looks natural, his looks like he uses no energy on his swing.

  • would like Tour 90’s but willing to try anything to make that cut

  • Ernie’s swing is my choice. If I could only have that tempo on the course.

  • Ernie’s great… the big easy, swingin smooth. great stuff – thanks KBS & THP!

  • I’m in. Thanks!

  • Hit submit too soon. The effortless swing of Els is awesome. So smooth in every aspect.

  • Ernie’s swing is the best, not just between him and Adam Scott but the whole tour. He makes it look so easy. I don’t have the eye to break down a tour pro’s swing mechanically, but watching Els’s smooth tempo is easy to spot and obviously translates into effortless power.

  • Sweet. Thanks KBS and Hackers!

  • The BIG Easy, smoothest swing i have every seen looks effortless and gets it done!

  • The Big Easy,
    I pull his swing up everytime I’m at GolfTech. I also have a full push back at the vertical. He is so smooth with his mid-range game because of it. Plus the guy has been doing it for a long time also helping out the young talent in his home land.
    Thanks THP and KBS great contest.

  • The Big Ernie Els Easy! He can bring it for sure.

    Thanks you for the Opportunity THP and KBS!

  • I Love Adam Scott’s swing! It is so pure and so powerful!

    Thanks THP and KBS!

  • I would have to say Adam Scott. His swing looks effortless and he still gets power behind it. It has to be one of the best swings on tour as far as mechanics go.

  • Awesome contest! I like (and try to emulate) Adam Scott’s swing more because its so mechanically perfect. Although his tempo is not quite as smooth as Ernie Els’, his impact position is F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S.

  • I like Ernie Els’ swing. Smooth is fast, fast is slow.
    Adam Scott’s swing is great as well, but I find that the smoother I make my swing the better I play.

  • I like Ernie Els’ swing, because it looks so effortless and smooth. I wish I could have a swing like the Big Easy!

  • I’m a huge fan of Adam Scott’s swing! He always has great tempo and never seems to lose control. All the while he absolutely crushes the ball with amazing accuracy. I’m working on getting a swing like his and know a new set of kbs shafts would help me on my journey to get there!

  • Ernie has one of the smoothest swings… thanks to in part by, KBS, Callaway, and himself.

  • Freddy Couples has a great swing.

  • The Big Easy…Earnie Els. He is smooth, great tempo and looks as though he makes the same swing with every club.

  • The bug easy. It is so smooth and in control

  • Dustin Johnson, has a great swing long with smooth tempo

  • The Big Easy. I try to be that smooth. At least I try.

  • The Big Easy has the swing of a champion. Nice smooth swing that has awarded him with 65 victories over his PGA career including 4 majors!

  • I prefer Adam Scott’s swing. Even though it maybe considered “mechanical”, his swing looks effortless and naturally where one could try an copy.

  • Awesome, easily Ernie’s swing!

  • Els, because he makes me feel like I’ll be able to hit it like him even as my back gets older and older.

  • I’ll go with Ernie els swing because how smooth his tempo is and how he hit all those brilliant shots with his amazing kbs tour shafts.

  • I believe Els has the best swing but I will say that with the KBS Tour shafts and what Callaway has done regarding their forged irons winning was alot easier for him.

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