Contest: Win a New Set of Irons with THP Radio and Golf Unfiltered

The THP Radio Network is filled with a variety of shows and new to the network is the Golf Unfiltered show with Adam Fonseca. The show brings new and interesting topics and interviews from the world of golf and THP is honored to have it as part of our lineup on The Hackers Paradise Podcast Network.

Recently on social media, Golf Unfiltered announced some format changes and THP Radio wanted to kickoff the new show with some fun and exciting news, as well as a special contest with a fantastic prize. To find out all about how to enter, listen to the show and follow the instructions on how to enter. It is as easy as sending an email for a chance to win a brand new set of irons.

Join JB from THP Radio as he talks to Adam about the direction of the new show, bringing the fun back to golf and talking a whole lot about equipment. This special episode of Golf Unfiltered meets the Golf Industry Uncut has no name really, but it is all about bringing the #GolfIsFun moniker back to the game we all love.

Join the fun by listening below or if you are on the THP Mobile App (available for iOS and Android), click the THP Radio button on the bottom. As always you can find THP Radio on iTunes or Google Play at The Hackers Paradise or whatever platform is your favorite of choice for podcasts.

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  • Great listening to both of you, love both shows and try to listen in as much as I can. Can’t wait for Adam’s new format learning about all things equipment. I never been fitted so to get fitted one day would be my goal then I can say #GolfIsFun everytime I go out on the field.

    I like how you think JB, to play what we want. To me if it doesn’t fit my eyes it won’t go in my bag. I have to feel comfortable with what’s in my hands which would give me more confidence and make me more happy even if I may not have a good day on the field some days.

    Saweeeeet WITB JB and Adam! Hmmmm, I have to try out the Callaway Steelhead Hybrid, trying to fill in the 3wd and 3hybrid gap. Can’t wait to hear about new pre-release clubs ?

    I want the Z565 irons!!!!!! I want to #JourneyToBetter

    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • Outstanding episode!! Really enjoyed the opinions about what makes you happy when playing golf!!

  • Great show. Enjoyed the discussion on fittings, and WITB. Internet golfer vs. Weekend Warrior. HaHa.

    Also, great contest. I’m going to agree with Adam and say I’d have to roll dice,take the pre-release set and hope the suit my game ;).

  • This was a really great listen. The early data with the Whale was eye opening, the Whale losing 90 and Epic 16 is just bonkers.

    Enjoyed the fitting discussion immensely. Being fit to the miss is critical in my opinion, terrifying of being fit to flushed shots.

    Adams thoughts on the driver resonated with me, nothing is more important than finding the fairway.

    Was waiting for the Costco ball discussion! Amen on playing versus practice.

    WITB was a fun discussion, love still hearing the Altitude in there.

    Did someone say irons? I’m in! Love to see Adam adopt the Internet Golfer moniker!

  • Yay! I found THP on Sticher on my Kindle!

  • Great listen! I like JB laying it out there straight. Too funny 🙂 “rhymes with GolfTech” Hmmm … who could that be?
    Love the new episodes!

  • Very entertaining segment as always. Very generous contest, thanks.

    I’m much like you JB, in that I would rather purchase a club that I find appealing and work my way into being proficient with them, as opposed to getting fit into something I hate looking at. Even if it means immediate results.

    Thanks again

  • Thanks for the entertainment and awesome contest, fellas!

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