Contest: Win an Odyssey O-Works Red Marxman S Putter

Odyssey is as hot as any company in golf right now on tour, with more players putting the brand in play than any other. Recently, the company released an extension to the O-Works lineup and the Marxman S was a model that many THPers were interested in.

Previously, we sat down with Sean Toulon from Odyssey to discuss O-Works, putters in general and how deciding on a new flat stick starts with the looks.

Want to try this putter out for yourself? Today is your lucky day, all you have to do is follow these three quick and easy steps to enter.

1. Watch the really interesting video above.

2. Post in the comments below what you thought about Sean’s breakdown and how this putter might benefit you.

3. Sit back and see if you won.

That is it. Later this week, we will announce the winner on the THP Forum and you could have it in hand before you know it.

If you don’t win, but still want a chance to pick golf equipment up at discounted prices, THP has a Budget Golf coupon on the right side of this page and you will find everything you need here.

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  • The micro hinge to get the immediate roll would be a great help. I am a die at the hole kind of putter and constantly leave putts short. Would love some help in getting the ball rolling just a bit faster.

  • OMG! I fell in love with these putters from the moment I laid eyes on them! Sean did a really good job explaining how the microhinge technology works and how it gets the ball rolling forward quicker then traditionally where it comes off the face with backspin which then turns into a frontspin and the ball actually rolls forward. It’s almost like this technology gives you a true role and as Sean stated will help you gain better distance control which is something I struggle with all the time. That is how this putter would benefit me the best. Great contest and good luck to everyone that enters! THP Screenname- ttucliffhanger

  • The fact that this putter has the ability to help lift a ball out of its indentation is HUGE! I have been accused of “babying” my putts, and this could definitely help me out!

  • I really enjoyed Sean’s complete breakdown of the O-Works putters from color selection to neck selection and how the necks impact toe hang. His explanation of the dynamic of the roll off the putter face was quite enlightening and makes all the sense in the world. The O-Works Micro Hinge Insert Technology would benefit my putting game by helping me impart more forward roll and less backspin on my putts.

  • The biggest benefit for me will be the Microhinge insert and the immediate forward roll it will introduce. Thanks THP and Callaway!

  • The immediate forward roll that the microhinge insert gives has got the be be biggest benefit of this putter

  • microhinge technology will help the put roll better. Great color

  • In what way would this not benefit me? More immediate roll to help my ball stay on line, mallet design for higher moi and smaller loss of ball speed, plus it’s a mallet with a slant neck for toe hang so I can keep my natural stroke instead of adjusting to the putter.

    It’s all a win

  • Matching the hosel and head to get the proper amount of toe hang has to be the secret sauce to this putter line!

  • Microhinge definitely benefits me and probably everyone else but the slant neck would also probably benefit me if I can get comfortable with it. I consider myself a blade guy and like the extra forgiveness I could get from a mallet but the slant neck putters I have tried don’t do much for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Enjoyed the discussion of backspin, the metal hinge insert, and avoiding backspin when rolling the ball with your new Odyssey putter. Also liked the discussion of face balance versus toe hang and matching the stroke, Really like the idea os a slight toe hang and the small hosel without much offset on the Odyssey mallet.

  • I’ve been working on being more consistent with my putting. Trying to stop my constant three putts, which I leave short a lot. It would be interesting to see what the “immediate” forward roll would do to help in that regard. And to be able to compare this putter with my current one in terms of roll differential would beneficial as well I think.

  • Odyssey is doing some great things. What a great presence on tour to show off their line.

  • Love how Mr. Toulon explains the reason of why they chose microhinge and the comparison to low spin/low launch with driver and trying to achieve the opposite in the putter. The s neck and alignment aid would be fun to work with and dial my tempo with.

  • There’s a lot of like about Odyssey putters. For favorite feature, I’d select the microhinge face insert because my putts definitely come up short too often. Sean does an fantastic job of explaining how and why the microhinge face benefits the golfer. Thank you!

  • The forward roll aspect and the idea of creating a little launch angle to help promote a more consistent roll is very interesting. Good video..

  • I have an older two ball, and would love to upgrade to the newer micro hinge technology. The marxman looks like it would fit my eye nicely.

  • That microhinge insert and forward roll could be a game changer for me!!!

  • Totally convinced that micro hinges are magic. I need all the magic I can get.

  • Microhenge + Toe Hang + Ease of Alignment + Increased MOI w/ Forgiveness = The Number One Putter in Golf. What more could you ask for?

  • Microhinge is definitely a benefit. I think all golfers can benefit from help with the forward roll and having a little launch on it. I think the bigger help for me would be the red color. Something about red putter heads just inspires confidence for me. Really interesting video and discussion by Dean and Sean about putter technology.

  • Love the micro hinge face design. Getting the forward roll on the ball sooner creating less skidding. Great idea for a person who struggles with putting as much as I do. I need all the help I can get.

  • After seeing what Hashtag did with this putter I need it in my life.

  • Such an educational video, hard to believe there’s so much into designing a putter. I too like to have the ball die into the hole and hence leave some short, but getting the roll started sooner and smoother could help me lessen those little tap ins. As always, thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sean covered all the bases in this interview. What are we looking for in our putter? Design feel looks and appeal. Yes please. And the innovation of the micro hinge tech could be a game changer for many. I know I need to give an Odyessy
    O-Works putter a try.

  • I think the 3 Degree loft will help lift for a clean putt

  • I have been playing the Odyssey Works 1W for two half years now.
    I absolutely love it. I said it will be the last putter I will ever own , until I seen this latest line of Odyssey putter color is awesome.
    I really like the tech behind these new putters.

  • Forward roll design along with the hosel and head match up make for one deadly putter! It’s a winner!

  • I’ve gamed a two-ball White Hot for a long time, but recently realized that my arcing stroke could benefit from a putter with more toe-hang. But I love the ease of lining up my Odyssey mallet. That Marksman S looks perfect, and the micro-hinge inserts ought to help me leave less putts short with my “die it by the hole” approach of three-putt avoidance! Great interview, great putters—thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Micro Hinge appears on face value to be a good concept. Definitely worth trying.

  • Every putt today was short no matter what I did. I think this putter that would reduce backspin would be great for me. Plus I love the color.

  • Outstanding interview, one of the best I’ve seen on putters. No wonders why I play the new #7, I played The Rossi for 15 years.
    Great job…??????????

  • Sorry I have no idea why there are question marks in my comment.
    Great Job…

  • For someone who has played a face balanced putter for a number of years the one thing that I see lacking non my putter is the immediate forward roll with the micro hinge insert which I do not get. This would also cure my leaving things short because of the backspin that I have on my putts that I don’t overcome to provide me with better distance control.

  • Great explanation of the micro hinge. Getting the ball rolling sooner would definitely help my putting. I have never used a slant neck putter but I think it would be great to try it out.

  • Love the micro hinge and high moi.

  • Have been looking at the micro hinge putters for awhile now and they seem to help me control my distances much better than my old putter.

  • It was cool to hear how much thought goes into selecting just the right shade of red. It would be a lot of fun to sit in on the design/ lab experiments in seeing the variations of what a slight difference from 3 degrees would do to the roll and spin of a ball.

  • The micro hinge is the most interesting concept to me. I usually leave putts short and get a bit of hop, so promoting more forward roll in my putts could be huge for me.

  • Sean makes everything easier to understand.

    I really love the S neck, and how they’ve added some toe hang to putters that provide other tech benefits (like high MOI).

    I’m also really curious to see if the Marksman would help improve my alignment.

  • The microhinge technology should help all golfers, especially me who play on a variety of greens get the ball up and rolling quicker and truer.

  • I want that please.

  • Microhinge. I’ve rolled one before & really liked it. It works!!! Plus, high moi with that neck / to hang would help me.

  • I have 3 Odyssey , #2 white steel and #2 Black and 2 ball SRT white steel insert. The white steel insert rocks but after watching the video and looking at the putter I would be thrilled to get my hands on this putter .. I love the looks of this putter. The bar looks just so right. The rich durable matte red finish is very cool looking. Happy to hear it is Durable. The micro hinge O Works face design with little bit of launch quickly followed by forward roll sounds like a perfect putter design for my game. Tour players like red I really like the Red

  • Sean’s explanation of getting rid of as much backspin is exactly what I find myself trying to do especially on the shorter putts so the ball rolls sooner. This design would help me accomplish that so much easier and it sure would look great sporting my THP Superstroke weighted grip. Thanks for the contest and now to go check these putters out in case I don’t win I am seriously going to look at buying one.

  • The new red and black o-works putters with micro hinge technology offer a size, shape, hosel configuration for everybody. Interesting origin story of the red putter although I am skeptical. This putter would be a great comparison to my current red slant neck gamer.

  • I can’t help to think micro hinge is the missing ingredient to my putting woes, I need the help,

  • Sean does such a good job explaining the tech behind the microhinge insert, he makes it easy to understand. I’ve always been a mallet putter fan, and this insert combined with the super forgiving shape would be much fun!

  • Great piece by Dean. Two things stood out to me. 1. Love the tech in the face hinge. I have seen this before but still amazes me how much tech is in this line of putters. 2. I am really excited the Sean Toulon discusses the slant neck going into more models. I tried the 7s but am really excited to try other models with toe hang.

  • This is an excellent video. I personally struggle with the putter I currently use due to skip and back spin. I have searched for different putters but have not found one. I will definitely be giving this a trial at the pro shop based on the education I just received in the video. Thanks!

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