Contest: Win a TaylorMade M4 Driver

Last week our review of the TaylorMade M4 driver went up and in case you missed that, you can find it here. Today we want to give that tested driver away to a lucky reader (courtesy of Budget Golf), so follow the instructions below and take your chance at winning the new for 2018 driver from TaylorMade Golf.

One of the biggest technology stories out of the new lineup is something TaylorMade calls Twist Face and to learn a little bit more about that here is a THP Quick Tech with equipment expert Michael Vrska breaking it down.

Want to try Twist Face out for yourself? Today is your lucky day, all you have to do is follow these three quick and easy steps to enter.

1. Watch the 1 minute video above.

2. Post in the comments below what you thought about Michael’s breakdown and how it could benefit you.

3. Sit back and see if you won.

That is it. Later this week, we will announce the winner on the THP Forum and you could have it in hand before you know it.

If you don’t win, but still want a chance to pick golf equipment up at discounted prices, THP has a Budget Golf coupon on the right side of this page and you will find everything you need here.

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  • Low heel*miss

  • My miss is high toe which the twist face directly claims to help. Could be a game changer for someone like me.

  • Anything that can help get the ball in play is only going to make my handicap do one way. Down!

  • Considering how often I hit the ball high on the toe it would be awesome to get some help.

  • Need a driver that will help me with the high toe strikes. I live there. I hit it at a big box store and was impressed. I’m a good iron player but ya got it get in play to have a shot at the GIR. For me finding a good driver…its the missing link.

  • I felt Micheal’s breakdown was solid. During his presentation, the timing of the picture displayed of the twisted club face really drove the concept home. Foot powder proves my off center hit are toe shots and his explanation confirmed the twisted face will help with my misses toward the pace setter/ most sensitive club in my bag. Would be really thankful to THP as I already am.

  • Looks good! Not that any of us old amateurs ever hits it off center! Great idea, and better color. Now if they can only work on a club that will increase my swing speed by about 20 mph!

  • Great video. I am very excited to try the new M-3-4. I like the idea of the twist face and understand the idea behind it. I love all the new technology that TM as well as others are coming up with. I’m a 10 handicap and like to use technology to help my game. Hacking and lovin it. LOL

  • I definitely have a toe fetish ! Need to have this club !!

  • Could help my slice and give me more distance….
    when I get to play again. Will give me incentive…
    It sure can’t hurt!

  • Seems so intuitive, thanks for the breakdown Michael. Also, shout out to the detailed review of the M4 by Dean. All I’ve read about in Golf Digest and researched seems to be suggesting the M4 driver is the top choice in golf.

  • I generally hit the ball close to the center of the club face, but my timing is an ongoing issue for me. this will sometime cause a slightly open face or the slightly closed face. I wonder if this technology would benefit me?

  • I can hit the ball but I’m not consistent at all.
    my problem is not hitting that little ball
    my problem is spraying it like your painting a wall
    the video makes sense changing angle as it hits the ball
    and just maybe I’ll win it and hit it straight once and for all

    I’m going to read more about that angle… thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to hopefully win my first real driver….
    Thanks, Jeff wilson

  • I tend to hit my driver on the heel, so the twist face would definitely help keep my shots more online without sacrificing too much distance loss.

  • I thought he did an outstanding job of explaining the forgiveness capabilities of the twist-face technology. My misses are a combination of both the high toe and low heel shots. Unfortunately I never know which one is coming next. This club would be a huge aid in keeping me somewhat in the center of the fairway.

  • All about forgiveness.

  • Sounds like it may improve my game off the tee. If I can find a club that helps me off the tee that sets me up to score better that would be heaven sent lol.

  • Love the concise explanations. Would be awesome to try this club in person and see if it could help with miss hit heal shots.

  • I would like to try twist face out, I tend to hit the bottom heel or toe, the sweet spot on my driver see’s little use. My distance suffers from the off center ball strikes, so I think a club designed for off center ball strikes would help a lot. I would love to be a tester of a TaylorMade M4 Driver.

  • I hope this helps me out with those high toe misses which produces quick hooks

  • Great video helped me understand the concept of twist face

  • Twist Face sounds like a comment meant to catch those golfers who are searching for a fix. Regardless of that thought, any help to make for a better hit (straight and long) is always well-received.

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