Contest – Win The Knuth High Heat Driver

Not a lot of THPers have had the chance to try this driver, but those that have came away pretty darn impressed. If you have not read the THP Review of the club, it was tested in detail and the information can be found here.

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The Prize
The 2015 Knuth High Heat Driver
Dean Knuth, believed that he could design golf clubs to optimize the performance of amateurs that would be longer, straighter and more forgiving than the major brands for all amateurs with swing speeds less than the Tour players. They have tested this out independently and found success and THPers have tested this driver and more and more wanted to play it after hitting a few on the course with it.

How To Enter
Entering is as easy as telling THP why you want to test out the Knuth High Heat driver. You will post your entry in the THP Forum in this thread.

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  • I would like to try and counter act my low cold drives.

  • Love to try new equipment from small companies. Being left handed, I find they do not always make them available in left handed. Always looking for an advantage. As a senior, still trying to keep up with my son. This driver could help me do this.

  • For over 42 years I have used all the name brand drivers I know my swing is most of the problem but I would like to try a driver that is made for and by someone that is looking out for us duffers (age wise also). Using such a driver can only help. Also living and working on a military post I can let a lot of friends try it.

  • i can get around the golf course fairly well, only because i have a decent short game. the problem i am having is finding a driver that will get me in the fairway so i can have a better chance of lowering my scores, could this be the driver for me.

  • I could use a High Heat because my driver’s face cracked and I have yet to find one with the forgiveness and distance that driver gave me. Maybe this driver will do the trick.

  • Would love to try out the left handed model. I hit it a few time at the Rancho Mirage golf expo. Felt extremely forgiving.
    Good ball flight and distance. Maybe this is what I need.

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