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At THP, we are always looking for new items to review for our readers. I’ve written about everything from clothing to training aids to golf clubs. Still, when I got a pair of headphones from a company called Cord Cruncher in the mail, I was a little confused. A pair of headphones isn’t what I’d typically call a golf related product, so I made sure that I wasn’t actually being given a gift by my fine bosses at THP. Turns out, there are some golfers out there who enjoy listening to music while they swing a golf club, whether it’s on the range or the course, and this product was designed with them (and many other people) in mind.

Description of CordCruncher Head Phones
Basically, what you have with the CordCruncher is a standard set of ear-buds, they appear to be from the brand Skullcandy, and can be scrunched up and packed into a rubber sleeve with a quick tug. This allows the user to control how much of the cord they want swinging around when they’re using the headphones. It also makes storage extremely simple and tangle free. It’s really a great idea, and better yet, it works just as advertised. In the past, I’ve done everything from wrapping my headphones around my mp3 player, carefully balling them up and putting them away, to actually giving them their own carry case. The best out of those three was probably the first one, but none of them were as simple as the Cord Cruncher proved to be. It did take me a few tries to really understand how to use the sleeve correctly, but after I did I was pleased to see how easy it was to collect and contain the wires, then store the headphones away almost anywhere I wanted. At one point I even looped them over a hybrid in my golf bag as I was preparing to leave the range. It’s hard to get much easier than that.

Performance and Sound Quality
Since these are headphones at heart, I figured it was important to talk about the sound quality. I’ll be upfront and say I’m not much a connoisseur when it comes to sound quality in head phones. Prior to this, I was using a very inexpensive pair that seemed fine to me. I did notice some differences in the CordCrunchers compared to my old brand right away. First off, the design of the ear piece sort of created a seal in my ear canal, blocking out background noise. I listened to a wide variety of music and was able to enjoy everything from deep bass tones to the upper ranges. I didn’t notice any distortion at the volumes I’m comfortable listening at. In summary, I thought the sound quality was pretty good. I imagine that there are better options out there for those more discerning ears, but I was happy.

Of course, the question remains – how do these work for golfers? I will say right now that I don’t wear headphones on the course and I didn’t wear them on the course for this review. I personally find that to be bordering on dangerous because I want to hear the word “FORE” if it’s being yelled my way. However, that’s not really a worry on the driving range. I took the CordCrunchers out for a number of range sessions and some trips to the putting green. For the testing, I used my smart phone as an mp3 player and put it in my back pocket. From there, I pulled out enough of the wire and ran the cord crunchers up my back and into my ears. I did this so I could keep them away from all the body parts that are moving. My feelings were really mixed with how these worked for me during these trips to the range. At times it worked quite well, but it seemed that the weight of the rubber sleeve, which hung down near my pocket, tended to put just enough pressure on the headphones that one of the ear pieces would inevitably fall out. At times, it seemed more of a bother than it was really worth, at least for use on the driving range. I’m sure there is a way to make this less of an issue, maybe by placing the mp3 player higher on my body for example, but it never really worked that well for me.

First off, I think CordCruncher is a great product. I found the head phones to be incredibly convenient for use at home and work, as well as storing and transporting while I was between those two places. When it comes to the value of the CordCruncher for the golf course or driving range, I didn’t find them to be nearly as useful. Regardless of that opinion, this is a product I’d buy happily if given the chance. Not having to worry about a tangled mess of cords in the bottom of my work bag is really nice and the sound quality was an upgrade from what I previously had. Finally there is one thing that the Cord Cruncher has going for it that no other product I’ve reviewed for THP does. I’m using the product while I’m writing this review! For more information, you can head over to As always, thanks for reading and best of luck on the course this year.

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