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Despite being around since 1986 in Europe, most US golfers have not heard of the brand Cross Sportswear until recently. Last month in the THP monthly newsletter, our readers got a chance to find out a little more about the brand in terms of history and their recent launch in the United States. The company was kind enough to send over a few sample items to THP HQ for a trial and see what all the fuss was about in terms of their cut, fit, materials and of course their overall style.

The Style
Trying to sum up a company’s style in words is never easy, but Cross did so extremely well here.

“The design philosophy behind the Cross brand is to combine extremely high function with Scandinavian design style. The result is golf apparel that is technically superior to competitors as well as very attractive”.

Our first impression was “where have you been all my life” kind of results. The apparel is bold with colors, yet does not go to that over the top in terms of patterns. One can find subtle looks or even plain colors in their tops and their shorts and pants are offered in a variety of colors both solid an plaids. Very few of the boutique apparel lines have we found something for everybody, but Cross seems to have the majority covered pretty well.

The Fit
One of the biggest issues with buying apparel that you cannot try on is every brand seems to have a different cut/fit. THP’s goal in our reviews is to make sure by the end of the article that one has all the information they need to be an educated consumer and cut/fit is one of the biggest factors with apparel purchases. Cross Sportswear is definitely an athletic cut apparel company. Some would call that a Euro cut as well. Their shirts tend to run a size or so small compared to the normal larger manufacturers that many of our US readers are familiar with. If you normally wear a large, check out an XL or even XXL (depending on how roomy you like it). Personally I normally wear my shirt sizes in the well known brands in large and the XL fits me quite well, but I do have one in XXL and the fit is also very good, just slightly more material through the midsection and shoulders. The shorts/pants appear to run fairly close to size. If you are used to wearing a 34 for example, the 34 with Cross should fit you quite well. Their pants also feature what they label as “Stretch”, which is based on the construction of the fabric and allowing it to stretch and move together with the user. This function should add comfort, as well as shape retention to your clothes for quite some time.

The Materials
All the companies that are putting out fabulous golf apparel are speaking of the materials they use and Cross is no different. In their shirts they are using what they call “Dry Layer” which is their version of moisture wicking materials that will move perspiration away from the body to the fabrics outer surface where it will dry far more quickly. In our testing, it worked flawlessly as expected and kept us dry in the humid and hot FL heat. Do you fear a Robert Garrigus moment (sweaty in the wrong places)? We can safely set your mind at ease and let you know that the Cross bottoms that were tested safely wicked away moisture just as the shirts with no fears at all.

The Outerwear
THP has always been a huge proponent of outerwear and good outerwear seems to be harder and harder to come by for some reason. Stylish is important when it comes to this protective layer, but function is what really counts…just ask the US Ryder Cup team. Cross openly says that they have the best looking and most technical golf outerwear on the market. I was not sure about such a bold statement until I had a chance to try it on for myself. The first thing I will say is that it is extremely comfortable with a soft and warm interior that would make you get rid of most of your jackets in your closet. The entire time I wore it, I asked myself, how in the world can this be waterproof like they claim? Well, it was for me. Completely waterproof, as in not a drop getting through in a down poor in FL. According to the company, it is about their materials. FTX is the secret to the truly 100% waterproof outerwear and the quick description is that FTX is a membrane combined with different outer fabrics to suit specific needs. FTX garments are breathable and yet stay 100% waterproof and they take the details all the way down to the seams that are completely sealed shut. No detail was left out with their outerwear as they have removable sleeves and of course the velcro wrist. The result is a lightweight, extremely comfortable, warm and yet waterproof jacket that is truly a marvel.

Personally I am thrilled to have found a brand like Cross Sportswear find their way to the states. Offering tons of choices and options in performance apparel that is different than what we have been seeing for quite some time. As mentioned above, the brand has something for just about everybody. You can read more about their products by checking out their website at and if you are in the states and want to find prices or order something, check out

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  • Good stuff JB. I like a lot of the styles I see and it is good to know about the sizing. Should I be concerned if I normally wear a XXL?

  • Beowulf,
    I would speak with Fairwaystyles about sizing as they are extremely knowledgable when it comes to the perfect size for people.

  • Great review JB! Been looking forward to this since the preview in the newsletter, as I’m a fan of the brand!

  • I have to get my hands on some of their line – definitely more up my alley! As stated above, bold colors without “over the top” patterns. Thanks for the writeup!!

  • Awesome. Great looking and performing. Love it!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Cross is not a brand I am familiar with and will keep an eye out for them. Thanks for the great info and review!

  • That jacket looks awesome! Fully waterproof and stylish to boot! Great review!

  • Nice looking stuff and I’d like to check it out. I really like the looks of the jacket and it appears to performed very well in some rotten conditions. Great job and thanks for introducting us to Cross.

  • I really liked the shirts. Nice review. I think someone got me those pants I have to go check the closet….

  • Really like the look, can’t wait to give them a shot, looks like something I could wear to a meeting and then head to the golf course, very nice!!!

  • Great review JB! Sounds like they are producing some great clothes!

  • Good looking clothing. I don’t have a problem buying shirts but I am always leery about buying pants online. It rarely works out for me!

  • Not too shabby looking! Great review JB.

  • Excellent news! I’ve been interested in this line since seeing them on Fairway Styles, it is a relief knowing the apparel met THP standards.

  • I love that blue striped shirt! This looks like a brand I am going to have to give a try. Still trying to find that well fitting pant. One that looks good enough to wear to work, but yet has some stretch so I can wear it on the course. Most of the pants I have tried so far have low crotches and are too baggy.

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  • This is my style for sure. Nice write-up JB.

  • Excellent review, thanks for introducing us to a brand that most of us had never heard of. I really like the looks of their offerings a lot.

  • Great review JB. Hopefully Ill be able to check these out sometime soon!

  • Nice looking gear. I like the fit/form/function aspect of their products. Very nice review.

  • Awesome review! This is the first I’ve heard about this brand but I like where they are going. Simple and clean designs are nice. Thanks for the heads up on the Euro-sizing differences too….I would definitley need to ‘size up’ with this line

  • I really like the styles. Good review. I will definitely look at these when I’m in the market.

  • $105 shorts and $85 polos… Off my radar.

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