Custom Milling with SeeMore Putters

One of the most interesting aspects of golf equipment is the custom part of it. Being able to change the look, sound and feel while maintaining the performance is every golfer’s dream. Could custom milling done at SeeMore Putters make that a reality?

While at SeeMore Putters HQ, THP TV got a chance to speak with owner Jim Grundberg about the future in this episode of THP Snap Shot.

These large milling machines are taking the face texture off of a putter and changing it to something different to alter the look and feel of a new putter. Could this be coming in the future for golfers of all levels?

Shot in 4k so THP recommends full screen viewing

Does the future bring the ability to choose the type of face you want on a putter? If it does, and SeeMore was able to offer it, what would you choose?

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