Cutter & Buck Men’s Apparel Review

When it comes to men’s golf apparel, the name Cutter & Buck is known by many of our readers as a brand that exudes quality. The Hackers Paradise got a chance to review a few pieces from their 2009 line earlier in the year when we did a review of an online store called Fairway Styles. In that store profile, THP got a chance to try out a few pieces from a specific line of Cutter & Buck called CBUK. The CBUK line we found to be sleek, edgy, and modern with top notch performance fabrics geared towards the golfer looking for some flare. Recently THP has received tons of requests for us to take a look at the regular Cutter & Buck line as well and let our readers know our thoughts.

In case you missed yesterday’s coverage, THP’s Golfer Gal reviewed the ladies line here.

One more thing to note before we dive right in. Please make sure you click on each image so that you can view a larger Hi-Res Photo that really shows off the colors and patterns much better.

First Impressions
The company was kind enough to send over 2 full outfits. One is from their 2009 regular Cutter & Buck line and the other is from their Spring 2010 CBUK line. The shorts that arrived were both patterned in classically elegant plaids and were from completely different sides of the spectrum. Paired with them were shirts that appeared to be anything but plain and together these outfits scream STYLE! We will go through each outfit shortly, but overall I can tell you with confidence that our first impression of the new men’s Cutter & Buck line was outstanding. We could not wait to get these up for pictures and out on the course for trial. Looks are extremely crucial when choosing one’s apparel for the course, but if the material does not hold up or the outfit is uncomfortable, they will not last in most wardrobes.

Outfit #1
The first outfit is from the regular Cutter & Buck line. The shorts are one of the nicest pair of shorts I have ever seen. They have a houndstooth pattern in black and then a very subtle lavender stripe that you almost can’t see unless you look close but really adds something special to these bottoms. They are the perfect length and are very true to size. These are not an athletic fit so no need to order a size larger. There are no frills to these shorts, no fancy buttons or additional pockets instead they are just a simple and classy looking pair of shorts that you just feel good in when you wear them, plus they amazing. The top is made from their CBDryTec material and it’s some of the best moisture wicking material we have ever tested. It is closer in feel to a cotton your traditional cotton polo but with all the breathable comfort of the moisture wicking technology. What I loved the most about this top is how versatile it is. It’s a simple white shirt with a slash of blue on the shoulder and sleeves, as well as an accent of yellow piping on the shoulders. With the color being in the shoulders it allows you to pair this shirt with many different bottoms. If there was one item I would say was a must have for the season it would without a doubt be the shorts.

Outfit #2
The second outfit is from their more edgy CBUK line. The colors here are much more bold then the first outfit. The shorts are a dark navy blue and white in a checkered pattern. Just like the first pair the fit on these is just great. They are the perfect length and again very true to size. For a little extra flare the zipper of these shorts have an orange accent. That splash of orange is what really helps tie together this outfit with the orange and blue polo. Orange and blue were definitely not my school colors in college but I will let that slide this time, especially with how nice this polo is. The fabric on this one is even lighter then in the first outfit which is really helpful on the course. There are a lot of attention to detail in this polo including the blue and white design on the sides which is carried through on the back as well. One feature I really liked was the zipper neck, rather than the traditional button down that we are all used to seeing this one is a zipper which fits in perfectly with that more edgy and fashion forward feel that makes up CBUK. Gator colors aside this is an outfit that has found a nice home in my closet and will be getting a lot of wear on the course this spring.

Cutter & Buck has a strong lineup and when you combine their quality, attention to detail, and style, you have a truly great line of apparel. There is really a style for everybody in the Cutter & Buck line as well and that is something that we here at The Hackers Paradise are big fans of. For more information on the outfits shown here, or any of the other Cutter & Buck products, check out their website at

Till Next Time

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