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We have reviewed hundreds of products here at THP and each one is unique in it’s own special way. From apparel to accessories to golf equipment and more we have really covered the golf spectrum. No matter how many products we review there seems to be one company that continue to stand out to us and that is Daphne’s Headcovers. We strongly believe they make the best quality headcovers on the market, but it’s not just the product that keeps us coming back, it’s the people.

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A while back we reviewed Daphne’s Headcovers and it was during that review that we got to learn more about the company and the amazing people who run it. We not only gained knowledge of an amazing product be we also gained friends. Daphne’s treats all their customers like family and I believe that is a major reason why they have been in business for over 20 years. They take such pride in each and every headcover that they produce that they actually offer a lifetime guarantee. To me that truly says commitment.

Over the years Daphne’s has created some of the most incredible headcovers on the market. With some being incredibly lifelike and others being more whimsical and fun. Last year the big hit was their talking dog. A headcover that talks, how great is that!

The newest addition to the Daphne’s family is a Monkey Made of Sockies (MMOS). With all of Daphne’s headcovers this one comes with an incredible story. The owner of Daphne’s, Jane Spicer, speaks about how MMOS came about:

“This headcover has taken on a life of its own and I am just honored to be along for the ride. A few years ago an artist named Shannon Grissom approached me with her design and idea for the headcover. She was very nice and also very persuasive and we agreed to make one batch and see how things went.

Well,(and this is a big “well”) once we partnered good things just started to happen. MMOS (what we call Monkey Made of Sockies) sold out very quickly ( this is unusual on an introduction year). Leta Lindley from the LPGA tour asked to carry the headcover, and we formed a partnership with Prader Willi Syndrome; a rare childhood disease that causes kids to die of obesity related causes. Now MMOS is carried by Dicks Sporting Goods, it has an amazing following in Japan, has video’s on You Tube and I still can’t keep them in stock!

The design is fun, makes people smile and comes complete with a monkey butt, which Shannon insisted that I keep on it (and she was right). In addition of course it carries Daphne’s life time guarantee.”

After seeing this headcover in person I can see why it has become so popular so fast. It is the cutest darn thing I have ever seen. With it’s big red lips and pom-poms on it’s hand and belly this headcover just makes you smile. It even comes with it’s own little hat and an adorable tail. This headcover is so soft little children could use it as a stuffed animal or something to cuddle with at night. The inside is also incredibly soft and is a great home to protect your golf clubs, including a 460cc driver. It also gets more snug at the top to give a comfortable fit on your clubs so it doesn’t fall off.
Besides just looking amazing these headcovers serve so many purposes. A lot of time people dress a certain way to showcase their personality. This can also be done through a headcover. Maybe you have other hobbies besides golf, like say fishing or gardening, you can get an aquatic headcover or a flower to express who you are. Or if you are a dog or cat lover or have a special pet at home you can get a headcover that looks just like them. My dog looks a bit like a German Shepherd so I got the German Shepherd one. This way I can see my baby even when I am away from her. They have hundreds of different headcovers ranging from animals to a garbage can so there is really something for everyone.
Another great aspect of a headcover is club safety. It’s an unfortunate fact but theft is everywhere including the golf course. If you have a headcover that says the type of club(s) in your bag that might entice a thief to go for the five finger discount. However, if you have an unidentifiable headcover you will not be advertising your club(s) and that person is less likely to go sifting through your bag.

There are a ton of reasons why a Daphne’s headcover would look great on anyone’s bag but the best reason is that they are fun. There is something about seeing that silly animal or object on your clubs that just makes you smile. As frustrating as golf can be at times it still should be fun and I think these headcovers can help make a round more enjoyable. The Monkey Made of Sockies is a great addition to the Daphne’s jungle of headcovers and knowing that this little guy is helping children is truly heart warming. As mentioned earlier Daphne’s is not just a company that makes high quality headcovers they become a part of your family.

You can see all the options available on their website. They also have a hilarious blog where the headcovers are the ones doing the blogging. For a smile and a laugh check out their blog here.

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