David Leadbetter Swing Setter Pro Review

Training tools and gadgets have come and gone but many are quickly considered to be novelty tools and ultimately deemed fads. In a somewhat overcrowded market, golfers often find it difficult to find a tool that is both useful and multifaceted. Many times golfers find themselves with a multitude of tools that have singular purposes such as increasing flexibility, grip and wrist cock position, and proper plane fundamentals. The original David Leadbetter Swing Setter accomplished the goal of infusing these crucial elements into one effective and efficient tool. Now, David Leadbetter and his team of dedicated engineers have taken the Swing Setter design one step further with the Swing Setter Pro.

When speaking with the company behind the tool, here is what we learned.
While the Swing Setter was immensely popular among golfers it lacked the feature of playability. The Swing Setter Pro addresses a proper grip position, wrist cock, and developing a smooth tempo with an effective release at impact while allowing the tool to be used on the range. The ability to strike balls with the Swing Setter Pro makes this tool one of the most effective and efficient tools on the market. Not only will golfers benefit from feeling the proper swing plane and developing tempo but also now will be able to see results directly on the range. The effectiveness of this tool lies in the principles of its design. It begins with focusing on your senses as you first grip the training tool and find yourself in a proper, traditional grip. The Swing Setter Pro also addresses the senses once the golfer begins to slowly warm up with the club. The useful ball located toward the end of the club creates a smooth tempo and an effective way of teaching proper wrist cock and release through a useful yet simple auditory tool, a click. This method removes the swing from the mind and places it back into your hands and body allowing you to feel the swing rather than mentally breaking the swing the down. Ultimately the tool simplifies the golf swing and allows the student to focus on grip, wrist cock, tempo, and proper release while benefiting from the ability to see actual results on the range.

Now of course all the instructions and ideas are great, but most readers want to get down to the bottom line. Does the darn thing work? The Hackers Paradise really liked the Swing Setter but did have some issues with it. Mostly the fact that you could not hit the ball with it. Well, they have supposedly fixed everything and sent us one to try out. So myself and three other testers went out to the range to give it a try. The first thing we noticed, is that most of us grip the club improperly. And with a little tweak in our grip that was provided by the SwingSetter Pro’s feedback made a difference in almost all of us. The 2nd thing we noticed is that the part of the design to help correct incorrect wrist cock was not that big of a deal to us. It is held by magnets and the sound of the click was more annoying and loud than we needed it to be. Does it work? We don’t know, but if it did, we didn’t notice. The last part of the design was the tool that sticks out of the end of the grip to keep you on the correct plane. This simple design is genius. It really does keep you on the correct plane and makes your body and arms stay in the right spot. It cured one of our “slicers” that day and he now swears by this little device.

Overall this device seems to be one that could really help out a ton of golfers out there. Is it a little gimmicky? Yes! Is the sound annoying from the click? Yes! But the device seems to work and work quite well. We do wish the price were a little lower, but compared to most training aids, it is right in line. And with this one, it really eliminates many of those tools with one aid. When we read the add, it describes a device to help “feel the correct golf swing”. Does it accomplish that? THP believes it did. You can read all about the device and order one here. We have tried numerous devices over the last few weeks and all of those reviews will be posted of course. Out of all of them, this device did stand out as one that most amateurs could find some success with.

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