Davis Love III Leaves Titleist for Bridgestone

Current Titleist staffer Davis Love III will be joining Fred Couples and other icons in the world of golf at Bridgestone. Long time promoter of the Pro V1 golf ball, is heading to Bridgestone to promote the king of ball fitting. You will most likely be seeing a Bridgestone staff bag next year to go along with a hat on this future Hall of Famer. One thing is for sure, Love III will be playing the new Bridgestone golf balls in 2011.

As an iconic staff member with Titleist Golf, Davis Love III making a move is something that few thought could be possible. This could be something very interesting to follow throughout 2011 and of course THP will keep you updated.

THP has contacted Bridgestone Golf and they have no response at this time. Sound off! What are your thoughts on this one? Is Love III a good fit for Bridgestone Golf and vice versa?

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  • Very big news, hopefully he’ll win another major as a Bridgestone staffer!

  • I wonder if he will still to FootJoy shoes and what irons he will play. Bridgestone seems to have a lot of momentum going there way…

  • Great score for Bridgestone!

  • Who-hoo for Bridgestone. Good addition to their lineup.

  • So Bridgestone picked up on of the biggest slackers ever, big whoop! Titeist should have let DL3 go years ago. The guy would much rather hunt and fish rather than practice.

  • I think you will see a big shake up on the tour. I would have thought they may have gone younger. They may be planning for the senior tour.

  • Mr Hanson needs to get his facts straight. When injury free, DLIII is a very hard worker. Unfortunately, he has an injury that doesn’t allow him to pratice hard, and still be able to play pain free. Get your facts straight before you label someone a “slacker”. DLIII, is one of the good guys on tour.

  • I got a chance to play the new pro v1 and I still like the b330. I think more pros will be switching as well

  • Don’t most of the pros switch because of more lucrative contracts?
    I imagine the differences in equipment does not make a significant difference.

  • […] in early December, THP announced that Davis Love III was leaving Titleist after what felt like an eternity and signing with Bridgestone Golf for the upcoming 2011 season. […]

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