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With the success that Putter Week had on The Hackers Paradise and Sizemore Golf, we have teamed up again for something that is truly unique and an amazing opportunity for a lucky reader. Could you be the next great putter designer?
THP and Sizemore Golf have something special starting today. We have all at some point wanted to design a putter or club that we think fits our eye and would help our game. Well, one company has stepped up to make that a reality. Here is the deal, you will design a putter and if your design is chosen by the panel of judges, you will win the prototype of your very own design. Then these will be produced in a[B] very limited number[/B] and people can then purchase them. In the end some people could be playing your very own design. THP readers of course will receive a discount on putters if they decided to purchase one.

Many places have had people “design a putter” and in the end some variation of it gets put into place or maybe people might not ever hear about it again. Or its “if they choose a design that is submitted”. This is nothing like that. You design it and they will make it. One of our reader’s designs WILL BE chosen, it will be made the way you want it done. THP is the only place that will let you design a club that will be made into production by a company that has wins on the Golf Tours.

Designing The Putter
We are supplying a basic list of things to put together when designing your putter. You can use this list or you can go from scratch. Any and all ideas are accepted. To submit an idea, you must email or with your project. Private messages are acceptable as well.

1. Shape – Your putter can be whatever shape you would like it to be. You can base it off shapes that exist now, or come up with something completely different.

2. Hosel – You will completely design the hosel that you have in mind for your perfect putter.

3. Shaft and Bend – Pick anyone that suits your eye, you can get quite creative on this end.

4. Face – Do you want it milled, do you want the amazing Sizemore Golf face, do you want an insert? The choices are endless and are totally up to you.

5. Metals – Choose the metal or metals that are used in your putter and what you think will work out best in the design.

6. Weighting – How heavy would you like it to be? Is it adjustable?

7. Putter Finish – Here at THP we have seen our fair share of impressive finishes. Some love certain things and others prefer added color to their works with paint fills. Here is your chance to completely dream up the finish and color scheme that best fits your creation.

8. Grip & Headcover – That is right, why stop with just the putter when you can design the grip and accessories too.

How do you want your putter to feel? How do you want your putter to sound? If you can dream it up, this company can create it. You will not be alone in this contest. If you have questions anytime about the design process you can contact us and have an answer for you as quickly as possible.

You can sketch it, draw it, describe it, or just answer the questions. Any way you want to submit it works for us. Be as descriptive as you can with your designs, because if you are the chosen winner, Sizemore Golf wants to get it right. The winner will receive the Prototype of their creation valued at approximately $1800.

Email or PM all of your designs and info to or

This contest will be open until Friday September 11th, 2009.
Only 1 entry per person and the contest is open to absolutely everybody.
Submissions become property of THP & Sizemore Golf.
The winner will receive the Prototype of their creation valued at approximately $1800.

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