Devereux Golf Apparel Review

While some brands rely on their logo and bright colors to represent their latest and greatest, Devereux Golf is taking on a notably different approach.  Subtle colors and nothing flashy, until you get their apparel up close and personal to see the quality of their designs and craftsmanship.  This review will consider a number of offerings from their current catalog, however reviewing their site shows that options can be had for many tastes and preferences.


A contemporary new line of men’s apparel that gets it.  We understand the fashion challenges faced by men today, because we feel them too.

Whether out on the course or out on the town, you want proper threads. We went looking for clothes that could bridge the gap between modern men’s fashion and progressive golf styles.  But we came back empty-handed.

Armed with determination and inspired by Hogan, Palmer and Player – great players and great dressers – we set out to create what we could not find.  The stuff legends are made of.

Devereux; Simple-yet-sophisticated pieces in contemporary colors and Superb attention to detail – are as easy to pair as they are to wear. Clean modern styles are designed to fit properly and inspire performance, both on and off the course. Specifically tailored to move seamlessly from workday to weekend and beyond, the Devereux line is all about modern sophistication, everyday elegance and simple versatility. Clothes you can wear confidently, comfortably and above all – they make you look as great as they make you feel.

Initial Thoughts

The story that is told by Devereux is excellent.  A brand of clothing that is defined by visual quality without the unnecessary flash, yet with excellent materials and thought.  Reviewing their lines prior to the review, it was clear that it would not be a brand represented by massive logos, brilliant colors, or outlandish designs.  Rather, a collection of clothes that fit as well as it performed.

Getting the product in hand proved much to be true.  What will be pictured in the latter stages of this review shows a generous attempt at subtle fashion, contemporary cuts and design elements, and products that represent material and craftsman quality.  Without even wearing a piece of Devereux clothing, it seems like a person would know what they were getting.

Andrew_Aqua (293x400)

The Andrew Polo

Provided in what they define as an ‘aqua’ color, this lighter greenish/blue polo provides a tremendous amount of material texture in the grosgrain detail and heather effect in what would otherwise be a solid color polo.  The collar is a soft and simple roll with excellent hems, and the buttoned area has a great contrast of ribbed blue that stands out from the rest of the polo. 

1 (800x450)

2 (800x450)

Not unlike many of the Devereux clothing, a subtle logo is included in navy on the back of the collar.  At the base of the polo, the stitching is consistent with no side separation like is seen on many polos nowadays.  Based on the overall comfortable fit, this does not seem necessary.

Brunner_Steel (586x800)

The Brunner Polo

Another take on the plain polo, yet this time with more buttons both on the placket and the collar.  A uniquely shaped left breast pocket with a corner button livens the polo, with an even more subtle grey-on-grey Devereux logo on the back of the collar.  Unlike the Andrew which is seamless, the Brunner connects across the top of the shoulder blades which adds to the subtle shaping on the back.  The base of the polo has jersey-like separation of about an inch that is reinforced very well.  Finally, the combination of pima cotton and polyester sit soft and comfortable on the shoulders.

3 (800x450)

Polo Fit

Between the Andrew and the Brunner, golfers can anticipate a generous mid-section area that feels a bit more relaxed in the ‘large’ sizing, yet not a situation where the material extends too far down the arms.  In fact, the length is quite fantastic for those who like to be material free when swinging a golf club, and it seems realistic to expect this length and profile to extend into the other sizes.  It has been suggested that Devereux has moved away from the ‘athletic’ style and more into a ‘mainstream’ style and this sizing accommodates that idea well.

4 (800x450)

The Arthur V-Neck

ARTHUR_NAVY-WHITE_FRONT_50764267-cb2e-4f77-bd59-6ee4042886ad (586x800)

An over the top luxurious v-neck was included for review, defined as the “Arthur”, and boasts incredibly soft and lightweight sweater that is made from pima cotton and an alpaca blend.  Between the materials included and the overall weighting, it could not possibly be less restricting for those slightly chilly days where a jacket isn’t needed, but a polo is not keeping the golfer warm.  Making the Arthur stand out from other sweaters beyond the material is the contrasting white of the collar, wrist cuffs, and waist bands.  The fit of the Arthur is a bit more snug than the polos, which is welcomed based on the stretchable material that reacts well to movement and gathers the material closer to the torso.

5 (800x450)

The Martin Shorts

Martin_Shorts_Navy (586x800)

One of the first things noticed about the Martin shorts when in hand is the quality of material.  It’s a combination of polyester and spandex that feels thick in the hands but not heavy when worn, and profiles well for a golfer look.  As has already been seen by the Brunner polo, Devereux is not afraid to make some of the more subtle elements of their apparel unique, and that reflects well on the back pocket of the Martin, which has an angled flap and right side button that makes it different from so many other shorts available today. 

6 (800x450)

The shorts do tend to run a bit higher than average above the knees, and may be more welcomed by someone pursuing that “Euro” short length, but it is not a massive step away from many other offerings available.  Completing the look includes an elegant button system, and some fancy patterns in the pocket material, which once again show the kind of quality and uniqueness that Devereux represents without being overly ‘loud’ at first glance.

7 (800x450)

Overall Thoughts

What makes Devereux valuable as a brand is not only their attention to detail, but their obvious attempt to take quality materials and make them stand out in subtle ways throughout their lineup.  This review and the photos that reflect it only offer two very subtle Devereux logos, and that attitude of letting the product speak louder than the ‘hype’ per se is palpable.  It is one thing to experience a product and see the benefits as they unravel, yet another entirely to see a brand speak loudly as the packaging is removed and the very first glance is applied.  High quality material and attention to detail for the more reserved golfer; it is a great combo.  For more information on Devereux, visit

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