Dimension Z Driver Revew

When we left off in the profile and interview of Dimension Z, Brad had told us to get him the specs and he would send over the Driver for us to try out. So the technical stuff was given to him and we patiently awaited the arrival of this new driver to test out. It took about a week and UPS delivered that long box that any golf fan knows to get excited about. Inside was The Widowmaker Z450.

The Widowmaker is a nice looking club. It has an MSRP of $390. It looks and similar to a TaylorMade R7. Atleast to me it does at address. The looks are where the similarity ends between the two clubs though. Before taking it to the range I asked Brad to give me a synopsis on the club and what I should expect.

After two and a half years of product development we have introduced the new Widow Maker Z450. When we were creating this design we wanted to design a driver that would outperform all of the most well known drivers on the market today. We concentrated on developing our technologies so they could synergistically perform to their optimum levels. This meant, not only creating optimum C.O.R., but optimum launch angles, spin rates, acoustics, and adding our “Reduced Slice Tendency” technology that was so popular in the 830z version. Getting these characteristics to perform at optimum levels of expectation so as to create the best performing driver on the market today was the overall challegenge. The result was a mid trajectory, long hitting driver that is easy to use and control. Available in 9.5 and 12 degree lofts.

With that said I was off to the range with this new driver as well as my Ping G10, a TaylorMade R7, Cobra Speed, and Nike Sumo2. Myself and 3 other golfers found randomly at the range decided to go at it with the Dimension Z. This is where the trouble started. Each person was having trouble hitting it well. It was not bad, just not what they expected. Every single person went back to their original driver afterwards.

So I am warming up and then I hit my normal Ping G10 driver and everything is just fine. So I put the G10 down and pick up The WidowMaker. It was as if the balls were shot out of a cannon. They were long and very straight. The other three guys came up and were confused. They all said that the driver feels incredibly “solid” but just was not working for them. It was unanimous. I loved and they felt it was “okay”.
I am not going to make claims like it was the longest driver by 20 yards and it is a must have. But it was the straightest. In fact it was the straightest by far. I hit each driver that was brought with me and the WidowMaker was the straightest ball. It is a hard feeling to explain just how well the club felt. It was as if hitting the driver was as easy as hitting a PW. It was like an extension of my body. I was thrilled with the results. Most of the readers here know that I change drivers frequently, but this one could stay.

So after the range session I explained to the people hitting the driver that it was a complete custom driver setup for me. That this company Dimension Z takes a different approach at club fitting and it all made sense. The driver unfortunately had to go back to the company. But not for long. I will have one of these in my bag. If you would like to learn more about the WidowMaker, you can check it out Here.

I contacted Dimension Z about it and they are sending me to a fitter in my area to get it done the right way. All I can say is, I can’t wait.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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