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There are a million golf companies out there that people have never heard of. Some produce high quality equipment others do not. When we first heard about Dimension Z we were interested. We were told that this little company was producing some of the highest level of equipment anywhere. Obviously we were a little skeptical, but after speaking with them and trying out one of their clubs, we might be believers.

Don Ingermann believes in producing equipment to the highest degree of quality. Building on his previous experiences as President of the Ben Hogan Golf Company, Ingermann envisioned a new company with a vision and direction of creating well-built products using the latest technologies. Ingermann’s vision manifested itself in the establishment of Dimension Z Golf. Dimension focuses on producing professionally fit through the highest manufacturing standards.

Ingermann, along with master craftsman and son Brad Ingermann, pride themselves on a well-made product crafted in a family setting. Dimension Z stresses the importance of maintaining the highest level of synergy achieved by creating clubs built to work with each other rather than low cost, mass produced clubs who often clash with each other. At Dimension Z Golf, each club is specifically tuned to work well each other. The Integrated Tuning Process produces a more consistent set and shows a tighter dispersion track among their clubs. Ingermann and his son strive to create equipment to the highest quality rather than focusing on marketing a profitable item.

Brad Ingermann believes the key to maximizing your game starts with a properly fitted set. The concept of custom fitting golf clubs is not new to the game of golf. Dimension Z sets out to offer the same fitting process and advantages made available to touring professionals. What sets Dimension Z Golf apart from the other fitting companies is precision. The Dimension Z process focuses on developing the proper specifications for each club in the set as supposed to implementing a single setting across an entire set.

The Dimension Z Fitting system is comprised of a series of demo clubs with several different combinations of head design, shaft length / flex, and lie angles providing golfers with the broadest range available in a fitting system. Many of the other companies who claim to fit only offer one head design at one weight point. Having varying head designs and weight points is critical in determining what will work best for you. Dimension Z Golf offers a greater range of length and swing weight creating a specific and precise fit. Offering a number of combinations compensates for several different body heights and types. All fittings take place with a fully trained golf professional certified by Dimension Z Golf. The Dynamic fitting process allows the player to test different specifications working with a trained professional who can determine the best possible club characteristics for your swing and playing style.

We got the chance to sit down and talk do Brad about fitting and what it can do for your golf game.

THP – What separates Dimension Z from the fittings that all of the manufacturers are doing these days?

Brad – They are fitting you for a product that is already made. They are fitting based on a specific club head rather than taking your swing and fitting every aspect of club making to it.

THP – Do you feel a fitting is for Correction or Compensation?

Brad – That is tough. A little bit of both. Proper fitting will never fully correct bad swing flaws. But it will help out with both.

THP – Tell me a little about your club making at Dimension Z?

Brad – What really makes us different is that when you get a club head from a manufacturer you are getting something that is mass produced that they tweak a little bit. It can really not change too much. A degree or two here and a little bit of angle. What Dimension Z does is build the club head to match point specifications for each individual. It is like a night and day difference.

THP – Can you give the readers an example of a difference they could notice immediately?

Brad – Shafts are an easy one. Most male golfers go with something that is too stiff for them. They must think it is an ego thing. The fact is that you are supposed to go with a shaft that is the WEAKEST Flex your swing can handle. Shaft technology has changed so much in recent years that the choices are endless. But people still seem to want something that is too stiff for them.

THP – Tell me how Dimension Z came to be after your father left Hogan?

Brad – Well he has always been a believer that clubs should be fitted for the player not the other way around. He looked around the industry and most of the manufacturers HE FELT were making by far substandard stuff. He used the analogy about clubs fitting like clothing. You do not buy a suit off the rack, you have it tailored to fit you. Same philosophy here.

THP – Can we feel the difference right away?

Brad – I am going to send out one of our drivers as soon as you email your specs. It is called the Widow Maker 450 and I am sure you are going to like it. It is going to be tuned to the specs of your swing. It will make all the difference.

THP – I look forward to the opportunity of trying it out. We will write a review on it when we are done. Thanks for your time today and we look forward to hearing more about Dimension Z in the future.

Brad – Thanks and we look forward to seeing your results.

The review will be coming up later today. The results we had were a little mixed but by the end, we realized something. Stay tuned for that. If you want to learn all about Dimension Z Golf or find a fitter in your area check them out Here. And do not forget to read the review coming up later right here.

Dan D.

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