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Since being acquired by Callaway, Travis Mathew as a company has continued to do what it does best as a lifestyle brand, but also evolving and branching out in ways many of us did not necessarily see coming. One such example of that is the establishment and growth of Cuater by Travis Mathew. 

For readers and members of THP, we have been tuned in on Cuater from the ground floor with numerous review threads where products have been put into the hands of staff writers and forum members alike. Even then, there are a lot of questions and curiosities surrounding Cuater, so naturally what better way to get some clarity than going straight to the source with some Q & A?

1. There is currently a lot of interest in Cuater on THP with some ongoing reviews, but many have the question, just who or what is Cuater as a brand?

Cuater by TravisMathew is the new kid on the block, heavily focused on delivering the best premium performance footwear and accessories in the game while having fun doing it.  After noticing more and more performance products on the market were being overdesigned with exaggerated technology, we decided to combat this trend towards overcomplication.  To achieve this, Cuater by TravisMathew is dedicated to creating premium performance products that provide all day comfort and useful technology while delivering a clean, modern design that you actually want to wear both on and off the course!

2. What sets the Cuater products apart in a crowded segment?

Every product we make is committed to incorporating premium materials and the most useful technology to deliver the comfort and performance benefits you deserve without sacrificing style.  Cuater footwear will never incorporate over the top, bold branding or unnecessary technology/features, but rather focus on packing all of the comfort and technology that you need into a clean, modern style you actually want to wear.  

3. With so much diversity in the lineup, how would you tell the story?

Hate to be a broken record here, but Cuater is laser focused on delivering best in class comfort, the technology you need, and simple, modern style in all of our premium performance products. And while we take our products very seriously and want to create the best footwear in the game, we are also not afraid to have fun doing it. We think that often times, golf products tend to be overly technical and serious and lose sight of the fun in the game – not at Cuater! You’ll see a lot of this fun come to life in our marketing, messaging, and even on some of our products (Birdie Golf Glove).

4. While the shoes are turning the most heads out there, the gloves have had their fair share of reaction, what brought about the decision for the looks and designs?

This is something we continue to drive home, we want to remind people that the game of golf is meant to be fun! Rather than deliver the same old white golf glove, we wanted to come to market with something truly different and novel – what better way to do that than with products like the “Between the Lines” aka Birdie golf glove. The best part about the prints and patterns on the gloves is that they perform at the highest levels as well – premium cabaretta leather, strategically placed seams to reduce friction points, and perforations for breathability. Again, striving to deliver premium performance products while having fun doing it!

5. Just what does the future hold for Cuater?

The future is bright! Our products are now officially available at TravisMathew retail locations and e-comm as well as wholesale accounts across the country. We are heavily focused on continued investment into the brand via R&D to ensure that we are always delivering the absolute best premium performance products. We’re just getting started, lots of exciting things on the horizon!

As you can see, the mission statement of Cuater is actually much more focused than most realize or might necessarily expect, likewise, their eyes are set firmly on the future even in this tumultuous time. Do you have experiences or thoughts with Cuater? If so, be sure to jump in on the conversation both here as well at the THP community. 

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