Drills with the Blingo Queen Volume II

Charlotte Campbell back with another session of Drills with the Blingo Queen.

For my 2nd drill/tip session I thought I would stay on the putting green. So many strokes can be saved just by making a few of those critical putts each round. How many times do you say, “coulda, woulda, shoulda…” Well, here are a few tips to help on those knee-knocker 2-5 foot putts that we all love to hate.

I was struggling a few months ago with really short putts. I mean really short. So, I talked it over with my teacher and he said, “the only way to miss an extremely short putt is if you are not focused.” Makes sense right? You talk yourself right out of it. But the truth of the matter is, “It’s okay to make it!” What a concept huh? Stop thinking about what if I miss it, and just trust that you’ll make it. After all, it’s a small ball, and a big hole. A lot of times during my round I’ll just tell myself how small the ball is, and how big the hole is, and roll it in. Stop making putts more complicated than they are.
So, a few tips on short putts. Golf is all about being target oriented. Pick out a specific blade of grass that you want the ball to roll over. Or, if you prefer, pick a blade of grass that’s on the back of the cup to aim at and stroke your putter to that point. Ernie Els gave me this tip and it’s a great one. Don’t pick out “one ball outside the hole”, pick out a brown blade of grass, or an old ball mark. Really focus on that spot and commit to it.

The most important thing about short putts (and any putt in general) is to keep your putter blade low to the ground on your follow through. I see a lot of golfers come up and out of their putt, forcing the putt off-line immediately. Keep your head down, commit to your line, and keep that putter head low! You’ll be amazed how much truer the ball rolls and how solid the putt feels. There is such a thing as a solid putt, and by doing a few of these key drills, I think you’ll start feeling that more and more!

Charlotte Campbell

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