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Now that summer is in full effect over much of the country, it’s time to pay attention to an important accessory that you may take for granted, sunglasses. Sunglasses are not just for blocking the sun any more. They are now stylish as well as functional. Fashion definitely meets function now. Case in point is a line of sunglasses from Dual Eyewear called the SL2 (SL stands for Super Leggero which is Italian for ‘super light’). These glasses are designed to provide extreme clarity as well as the ability to see gauges, instruments, script, etc too. Did they work for this devoted sunglasses wearer? Check it out.

From the Company

  • Weighs only 20g
  •  8 base lens curvature
  • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection
  • Optimized Magnification Zone (OMZ) reduces distortion and fatigue
  • Sculpted non-slip TPR-50A rubber nose piece and arms inserts
  • Available in +1.5, +2.0, and +2.5 spot diopters

Did You Know? Do you know how to choose between different lens colors? Smoke (gray), transmits all colors evenly without changing color value. Light enough not to impair vision, but dark enough to provide overall protection from glare. Excellent for bright sunny days.

Brown, a warmer, slightly brighter lens than the gray. A good all-around choice for areas with changeable weather patterns. It helps highlight the different contrasts, particularly in green colors.


Originally designed for cyclists, the technology within the SL2 sunglasses is pretty cool yet simple. They’re considered ‘power sunglasses’ by improving your overall vision and specifically your vision of hard-to-read products such as cycle computers and cell phones by way of a magnification area molded into the lower portion of the lenses. Very similar to bifocals.

For those that know me, I’m a devoted wearer of sunglasses on and off the golf course. I’ve got light blue eyes so sunglasses are important to me to see in bright light without getting a headache. However I’m also picky when it comes to my sunglasses because I want to see comfortably and clearly, all without feeling like I’m wearing sunglasses. So my testing comprised of on and off the golf course testing because in a day where sunglasses are both functional and fashionable, you need to be able to wear sunglasses anywhere. Before I get to the testing results, I need to say that overall these are the lightest sunglasses I’ve ever worn. I literally found myself forgetting that I had sunglasses on. Beyond the smoke or brown colored lenses of course. These also provided quasi-high definition vision for me as well. As I mentioned above, smoke and brown lenses were provided for testing in varying spot power strengths.

Now to the testing. On the golf course these were a great asset to me. I could see very well with both colored lenses and actually found myself liking the brown lenses a bit better on the course. I was able to see the ball a bit better on the ground, the flag was able to be seen easier, and I was able to see the break on the greens much better than I have seen with other sunglasses. I never found myself once having to adjust them due to slippage or squeezing my head. Most importantly, I was able to wear these with a hat or visor without having to have the bows of the sunglasses on the outside of the hat or visor. The Optimized Magnification Zone (OMZ) never really came into play for me out on the course itself but when it came time to read numbers on a gps or scorecard I struggled. All of the different magnifications that were sent to me did not work for me and made everything blurry or fuzzy. Now I have better than 20/20 vision so that may be an issue but I suspect that if you’re someone who needs reading glasses that there’s a spot power that’s right for you.

Off the golf course is where I began to see issues with these sunglasses, primarily when driving or using a phone. When I was driving I still saw things as clear as I ever have and unlike the golf course, I found myself liking the smoke colored lenses better. Where the trouble started was when I would look down at gauges or use my phone. I think this is definitely due to the OMZ’s not being what I needed which shows the importance of fitting. Just like your clubs right? That being said, I found that I looked at my gauges and used my phone while driving more than I thought I did because each time I did I was forced to look squarely through the lenses and not through the Optimized Magnification Zone. Again, this is not the fault of the sunglasses themselves but a result of me having good vision already and not needing help with seeing small print or gauges. Not yet anyway.

Dual Eyewear SL2 glasses retail for $49.95 and are protected by a lifetime warranty. Not many companies do that for their sunglasses. If that’s not good enough for you, try them out for 30 days and if you don’t like them, send them back for a full refund. Save for the Optimized Magnification Zone that didn’t benefit me, these are really good sunglasses that do their primary job well and that’s block the sun while providing clear vision. Click on over to www.dualeyewear.com to see the SL2’s and the other styles available.

T. Hanks

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  • Great write up Mr. Blue eyes.The SL2’s look really good and Duel Eye wear looks to have the sizing down to a science. I too use the brown color lens in my sun glasses and believe that this color works well on the course. The price is spot on and the warranty tells it all about this company. They stand by their product.

  • Nice review Todd! When I first opened this review I immediately noticed how I really like the sunglasses as far as the styling goes: no frame under the eye pieces, thin rails, etc.

    Sounds like they worked great except for when you went to read something. I would definitely order a pair without hesitation as I am in need of a new pair and like the price point on these along with the warranty. Will throw a few questions up in the forum about them.

  • Nice review Hanks! Sounds like they stand by there products and the price is very reasonable.

  • Jeez, these are priced well. The fact that the company found it’s niche in biking means that they are probably very ideal for wearing and sweating. One of the reasons I don’t wear sunnies during the summer on the course is b/c I sweat and almost everything I’ve ever tried fogs up to a degree. Fortunately for me, I don’t read with sunglasses on. Good review buddy!

  • Thanks for the review T. Nice price point for these glasses, I’m sure they’ll have a market but they look like so many other glasses on the market.

  • I have to wear my glasses, so sunglasses like these are out of the question unless they offered clip-ons or over the top types. I like how light these are and the idea behind the OMZ.

  • Great looking pair of sunglasses, like the small profile and seems as if they would fit under a golf hat/visor without problem. For the price point, folks should have a problem with trying them out on the course to see if they work for them. Great review!

  • Very interesting. And a great price point. I get tired of hearing about $100 sunglasses. I had lasik done 11 years ago and am now getting some minor blurriness back. These may be the trick w/o having lasid redone, yet. And I don’t want to wear reading glasses to look at medicine bottle sized fonts.

  • Wow these have a great price point! After reading your great review about them I was expecting to see a much larger price at the bottom of the page. Well done Hanks.

  • That was nicely written, Hanks. The price is certainly nice, though I wonder if I’d find the magnification a little distracting. Can’t beat a lifetime warranty.

  • these look really great.
    good write up on them Hanks.
    i’ve always liked the looks of sun glasses like these, but i rarely wear my contacts…so i never buy/wear sunglasses unfortunately.

  • Great review Todd. I definitely like the looks of these and it’s nice to see that there are quality sun glasses that won’t set you back the cost of a driver.

  • Solid review Todd! I too am an avid wearing of sunglasses and for the quality you described this is a very nice pair of glasses at a great price…I will have to check them out!

  • Great review. These are great looking glasses and I like to hear they’re very light weight. I was all for trying them out, but like you, I have better than 20/20 vision so the bifocal aspect is really just unnecessary. I wouldn’t want to deal with that inconvenience. Its too bad they don’t offer an option without them. I find too many sunglasses interfere with my hat or visor so they stay on top and never get on my face unless I take my hat off. Oh well, I will keep looking for an inexpensive good pair. Any recommendations anybody?

  • Good review. I may be buying sunglasses but I don’t think these will be right for me unfortunately. I want to use my sunglasses in a bunch of different areas and activities, and I’m not sure the magnification will work for me.

  • I like the price point for these glasses. Would like to see their other lenses for sure.

  • The looks and price of these are fantastic. Nice comprehensive review and great sunglasses.
    I’d wear them in a heartbeat, but I can’t see distance well, so I need my prescription lenses.

  • Thanks for the review Hanks! I like the looks of these glasses. I would like to find a brand and model of sunglasses that I can wear while playing golf. I’ve tried a few but thusfar have been unsuccessful. I’m afraid that these may not work due to the OMZ.

  • Good read.

  • Great review, and the price point is phenomenal. I have a question, but I will save it for the forum.

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