ECCO Biom Golf Shoe Review

Many golfers around the world have turned to Ecco when it comes to comfort and style for the care of their feet. For close to 50 years, it has been ECCO’s aim to produce high quality, casual comfort shoes with a perfect fit for every golfer’s needs. Last year you will remember that they came out with a shoe that took the world by storm with the release of the ECCO Golf Street Premiere that our THP tester felt very strongly about here. This year ECCO has another new shoe full of technology that they are bringing to the masses and that is the Biom Golf shoe and THP has been testing these for the last couple of months.

From the Company
Since 1963, ECCO has followed a feet-first philosophy. In 2007, we embarked on a new venture to take this to the next level. Named the BIOM project, it matched our 45 years of studying the human foot with data from top experts in the biomechanics of sport. Research showed that excessive emphasis in footwear on cushioning and motion-control is not only ineffective, but also counterproductive. The natural motion philosophy focuses on enbabling the foot to move and flex with proper torsion by providing support through a highly flexible, anatomically-shaped shoe construction. Embodying the leading edge of human movement technology, the BIOM Project uses direct-injection technology, anatomical flex grooves and anatomically placed impact zones to create world class performance shoes for running, walking and golf.

•Ultra-Lightweight Construction – Up to 100 grams lighter than other performance golf shoes

•Extremely Low Profile – Brings a golfer’s weight closer to the playing surface for unmatched stability, ground feel, traction and swing power

•Stabilizing Heel – Wider, with a unique three-cleat configuration and stability bars between each cleat to achieve the ideal balance points

•Forefoot Flexibility – Anatomically correct flex grooves that follow the foot’s biomechanics for remarkable support and comfort

•Tibetan Yak Leather – Naturally soft, durable, smooth and breathable uppers made from Tibetan Yak leather that is three times stronger than ordinary leathers

•ECCO Hydromax™ – Proprietary ECCO leather treatment that helps keep feet dry and comfortable in all conditions

•Direct Injected Polyurethane – Advanced construction process, unique to ECCO in the golf industry, that guarantees long-lasting comfort and hyper-accurate anatomical support

•Climate Control – Triple-component insole with the ECCO Comfort Fiber System for a cool, dry climate within the shoe interior

The Biom shoe is unlike any before it in terms of overall looks and style. Kind of a hybrid type of shoe somewhere in between a classic walking shoe and a golf shoe that just oozes comfort. The pair THP received is white with hints of silver in all the right places. It is contrasted with a bright “lime/neon” green that makes the shoe stand out from the crowd. The shoe is also available in other color options such as black and brown. The bottom of the shoe features a Q Lok cleat system that is aligned perfect for the style and shows off the solid grip that will keep your feet on the ground in just about any situation.

Comfort & Testing
Putting the shoe through the paces over the last couple of months, we have come to expect certain things out of an ECCO release and that is comfort. From the first time you slip the shoe on, until the last walk off the 18th green, you will notice the comfort that the new Biom offers. A soft and snug grip to the foot that offers support in all the right areas. The shoe feels as though it creates a mold around your foot and while we hate to use cliches…They fit like a glove. In our testing of many golf shoes, we have always thought either “rigid” or “soft” as it pertains to movement, but this is the first golf shoe we have encountered that has both. Wearing the ECCO Biom golf shoe for dozens of range sessions in both damp grass and the heat of a FL afternoon, we came away impressed. The shoes deliver what they promise which is an incredible comfort experience and something that I think a few ECCO lines over the last couple of years moved away from.

Over the last few years, I have felt that a few of the ECCO lines strayed from their roots of offering incredible comfort in a groundbreaking design. Fortunately for golfers, the company appears to have gone back in time and worked hard to put together an offering that is worthy of any foot. With a price tag of around $225, these are not going to be in the bargain bin anytime soon, but sometimes performance and comfort come at a price. For more information on these or any other ECCO golf product, check out their website at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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