ECCO Casual Cool II Premiere Review

When you discuss golf shoes with people few brands stand out like ECCO. People who wear ECCO shoes swear by them and are extremely brand loyal. As a reviewer for The Hackers Paradise, one thing is certain, I love golf shoes. But I am not brand loyal and wonder if a brand like ECCO could convert me? While at the PGA Merchandise Show, THP got the chance to get a small private showing of the new lines coming out from ECCO and were eager to test some of them out. One of those styles that they showed us was the Casual Cool II Premiere and although different looking, we were eager to try them out.

From ECCO:
This golf shoe features distressed leather upper with rubber detailing, a textile and microfiber lining, a removable leather and Cambrelle covered inlay sole with the Ecco Comfort Fiber System and a single density TPU outsole.

After the show, we reached out to the company and they were thrilled to help out. About 2 weeks later a package arrived and it contained the Casual Cool II Premiere in black and silver. Here are the available colors: Black/Buffed Silver/White Lexi, White/Cloud Lexi, White/Sand Lexi. Our first impressions were that they were not really our cup of tea when it comes to the looks department. They looked more like soccer shoes than they did golf shoes. For the players that prefer the traditional saddle look, then these might not be for them.

Once unwrapped, we had to see what all the fuss was about with the rave reviews that ECCO has been getting. After slipping them on, I realized what people were talking about, these are really comfortable. I found myself walking around the house in them most of the day before heading out to the course. At the range we noticed no loss of comfort, in fact they were so comfortable I kept them on while eating in the grill before heading out to play 18 holes.

Out on the course we had the same results. Extreme comfort! However I would like to note that while playing we had two spikes just come out of the bottom of the shoe. Both the left and right foot had the spike under the toe just completely come out on the course somewhere. We did not notice it until the 18th hole in which both of the spikes were missing in the front. It did not alter play, performance, or comfort however. The shoes still fit like a glove and held up fine to all of the Florida elements. Over the next few weeks we wore these shoes on the course and despite the fashion problems they may have caused with a few outfits, my feet always felt great before, during, and after the round.

Overall, we finally understand what all the fuss is about. The ECCO Casual Cool II Premiere shoes were extremely comfortable. The look may not appeal to us as much as others, but we got quite a few compliments on them while out on the range. In fact on my 2nd day out there, a gentleman went and purchased them in red after seeing mine on the 1st day. With a price at around $170 these shoes will not be for everybody. But if you are looking for extreme durability and comfort, then ECCO’s must be on or near the top of your list for shoes to try out. You can read all about these at their site ECCO Casual Cool II Premiere.

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Josh B.

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