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Today it is very hard to find an avid golfer who doesn’t have more than one belt they use for golf. Old and young golfers alike are showing off their personality through their attire and are even doing so with their belt choices. Years ago, I don’t know if I recall anyone wearing a white belt on or off the golf course, but just as the white driver is popular, so is the white belt. A good belt will not only keep your pants off your ankles, but will also keep you looking stylish during your round of golf. Buying a belt online can be tricky, as not all companies use the correct sizes. Here is where ECCOs newest addition can come in handy, because not only is it reversible, but it is also adjustable.

The ECCO belt features soft cow leather with contrast lining that has a sporty and trendy look. You purchase the strap in 2 different lengths; 100cm (L) fits up to a size 38” waist and 120cm (XXL) fits up to a size 46”waste. Once you chose the size for your waist you then you remove the buckle and cut it to the desired length and replace the buckle. This step is easy enough for even a man with no handyman skills. Once you have the correct length you can also remove the buckle and reverse the colors. The belt comes in 3 different colors: Black/Red, White/Dark Grey, and Espresso/Orange.

The strap measures in at 4cm (1.6in) in width, so you can measure your belt loops to make sure it will fit with no issues. The belt comes in an attractive branded box that makes you feel like the money spent is worth it.

This belt has proven to be a wonderful belt for on and off the golf course. I like to match my belts with my outfits (of course) and I found that this belt really adds some flare to your attire. I have yet to reverse the belt, as I like the crisp, clean, and fashionable look of the white. I found that the latch on the belt buckle is very sturdy and does not come out during the round. The buckle itself is enamel that looks sporty, but can also be dressed up.

If you’re in the market for a good high quality golf belt you cannot go wrong with this offering from ECCO. The price tag seems a little steep for a belt, but you could always justify it because it is reversible. 

You can find out more at

MSRP: $100.00

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  1. War Eagle says:

    Great review T! Love the ability to adjust your own size as well as it being reversible. Takes the guess work out of things.

  2. Freddie kong says:

    Nothing like a good versatile belt that spices up an outfit. Good price for a quality belt that can be worn on and off the course. Thanks for sharing OneT.

  3. Ryan Hawk says:

    Just got my first higher quality belt and I’m a fan. Love that the buckle is enamel for some reason. Taking the guesswork out of sizing is also a good feature. Thanks for the review Jarret!

  4. Golf Ghost says:

    Great thoughts One-T. The price really isn’t that bad for a fine leather reversible belt.

  5. Jason K says:

    That’s a great looking belt! I’ve personally got about a half dozen belts I switch between and am always looking to add more. The prices of belts/buckles are constantly rising so really $100 isn’t entirely out of line anymore especially when you consider it’s a quality Ecco product. Thanks buddy!

  6. afwcardinal says:

    I could use a new new belt and this might fill that need. Nice review. High quality, reversible, good looks, and a trusted name, all things that I am looking for. Thanks Jarret.

  7. Cookie says:

    Nice review here One Tizzle! Ecco’s quality is absolutely top notch and this is a very nice looking apparel accessory. Like what they did with the sizing, takes out the apprehension for ordering the correct size.

  8. Mancest says:

    I just picked up a Nexbelt, it was $50 but it is great! If not I would look at picking one of these bad boys up, as I love my Ecco golf shoes.

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