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ECCO Street Premiere Golf Shoes Review

When it comes to purchasing new golf shoes most golfers seek out ‘traditional’ shoes that have a ‘traditional’ look and feel (traditional spikes) that can only be worn on the course. If you want to wear them off the course for an extended period of time you will probably have to remove the spikes and who wants to take the time and energy to do that? ECCO has come out with a line of shoes that are casual and functional enough to wear on the course, at the 19th Hole, and everywhere else. If they’re good enough for Freddy Couples to wear sockless on the course, how would they do in amateur testing? I was fortunate enough to put a pair of these to the test under all of the above conditions and came away very impressed with ECCO’s latest shoe offering.

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About the Company
40 years ago in the small southern Jutland town of Bredeboro, Denmark, Karl Toosbury pioneered a revolution in footwear, choosing comfort over conformity. Following this mantra has allowed ECCO to become the 7th largest shoe company in the world.

At ECCO, form follows function. Scandanavian practicality comes through in each design complete with clean lines. Pioneering new fusions of advanced materials, new design methodologies, the foundation of Ecco is to evolve a lighter, more flexible shoe for every day and every need.

Classic. The blend of distressed leather uppers and suede accents is a perfect blend of the company’s ‘form follows function’ idea. Some of the aesthetically pleasing highlights of this shoe include some cool metal rivets, textile and microfiber lining, as well as two different pairs of colored laces (light gray/stone and green) to allow for some individual customization. The shoes have a classic and clean looking silhouette to them which should never go out of style and offers extreme versatility with what you can wear the shoes with both on and off the course. The Street Premiere line is offered in 3 distinct styles; concrete-white-cactus (pictured), licorice-coffee-fanta, and moonless-black-chili red.

Extreme Comfort

ECCO’s hybrid casual shoe is a street inspired shoe that can be worn both on and off the course for everyday use. These shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn, including traditional sneakers. You don’t even know you’re wearing these shoes. The Street Premiere offers a removable Cambrelle insole which I’m not sure why you would want to do that as this is one of the key things that makes these shoes so comfortable. The distressed leather is super soft and you don’t even notice that you’re walking on rubberized ‘spikes.’ More on these later. I wore these shoes for over a week doing things like running errands, hitting balls at the range, playing golf, around the house, and ‘out and about’ and I never thought once that I was wearing golf shoes.

About those ‘spikes’ I mentioned before, they help make the shoes as perform as well as they as they feel. The rubber outsole is durable, supportive, and seems to provide good traction over all types of terrain. The rubber combines with the latex outsole to provide the wearer with natural shock absorption that is immediately noticeable. Whether I was hitting from the fairway or putting on the green, I noticed the same type of performance and feeling. Where I did notice a little performance drop off was when I hit from light to medium rough with an uneven lie where traditional spikes that are longer would have helped. The same can be said for their performance off the course as well. The styling and functionality translates well off the course and has quickly become one of my ‘go-to’ pairs of shoes that I reach for now.

The 'Spikes' Perform

Looking for something a little bit different for your golf attire? Well here it is. ECCO may only be the 7th largest shoe company in the world but thanks to Freddy Couples’ performance at this year’s Masters and his choice to wear these while playing, the company is enjoying some positive buzz around the golf industry. Currently the shoes pictured in this review are the company’s most popular model as supplies are extremely limited. Sizing seems to run true and the MSRP is $140. I think these are worth every penny as you get shoes that can be worn just about anywhere with just about anything. These shoes are both functional and stylish and would serve any golfer well on or off the course. I hope you purchase a pair of these and enjoy the same feeling I had while reviewing this shoe.

T. Hanks

For more information on this shoe and many other golf shoes, check out the latest issue of THP: The Magazine which has a full spread on all of the latest golf footwear.

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  • Nice review T ! I love the look of these shoes. I think I would want to wear them around town more than on the golf course.

  • Excellent review. Couple…questions: Did you go “Couples” in them and how did that feel? And do they come in a “JB Special” color?? That way if you get any on your shoes it blends in. Just sayin lol

  • Great review Thanks! They are certainly a nice looking shoe and what more can you ask for than comfort along with performance. I myself am one of those who “swings out of his shoes”, so until I can get away from that I may have to stay with the regular spikes, but the idea of putting these on at home rather than at the course behind the truck sounds pretty nice.

  • my son sent this to me because i have been very intrested in this shoe – i want to get my hands on a pair. This atticle just comfirms what i thought. Now if i can just find a pair.nobody seems to have them yet.

  • I read on another web site that these shoes were a little tight for those with wide feet, any truth?

  • no I didn’t go Couples with these…..at least not yet!

  • Tander- my feet are between M and W and I thought the fit was right on if not a hair bigger than true size. the leather is so soft that it’ll conform to your feet so I think you’ll be ok

  • Great review! I am really starting to come around on these! I think they’d look great with a pair of cotton khaki pants!

  • Check out eBay for these shoes. One bid is $389.00!!!!! I believe I can wait until the stores get them for $140.

  • Great review THanks! I might see a pair of these in my future.

  • I could see myself wearing these shoes. Good review, THanks!

  • I ordered my pair from TGW.com and they are backordered until August! Must be very popular but I am looking forward to them coming. I think comfort is a must for good balance and is essential to solid ball striking. Great review!

  • Interesting review – I like the idea of being able to wear them home and not having to always carry them along with me.

  • I bought a pair thinking they would be great. Unfortunately,they hurt my feet so much I could barely walk. BTW – they are not waterproof (if you care.)

  • Brad,
    That is a shame. We have heard from hundreds that just simply love these for their comfort.

  • These things are phenomenal!! My local stores just got them and they are almost sold out. I was told that if you want the shoes you can preorder with a number of the websites and you can get them in 4 colors in October. The additional color I am told is navy with a light blue sole. I ordered mine from golfdiscount.com

  • Great review thanks!!! Are these shoes available in wider widths?

  • Great one thanks! Looking fwd to meeting you sometime soon. And looking forward to reading more of your reviews

  • Great review…I haven’t tried these yet? I noticed someone mentioned above they hurt their feet!? I just tried the new Kikkor skate style shoes and they are super comfortable. Anyway…my 2 cents

  • Just got a pair about an hour ago at the Ecco Store in the Mall. (Wouldn’t think to order these on line because of European Sizing) I have Rhematoid Arthritis and my feet are a mess. I have a size 12 foot and usually have to go with a size 13 2E golf shoe. Got these in a size 46 (12-12.5) and I wore heavier socks so as to allow some margin for error. I have never been able to get near a pair of Ecco’s before, but these are different.Soft flexible upper makes them as comfortable as a pair of New Balance walking shoes. Couldn’t have been more surprised. If these hold up on the course they will be a Godsend.

  • I received my pair of Ecco street premiere shoes after a 8 week wait ($119). I own about 10 pair of Ecco’s and love them all. These shoes are sooo confortable because the are wider then most shoes, the leather is soft and they feel like you are walking on air. I’ve played 10 rounds in them and have dropped my handicap by 1.5 strokes. Great traction on the course but don’t use them to hit off the cart path. I slipped on a shot. I would rate them a 10++..

  • I play barefoot, but these shoes I would consider trying.

  • I have played about 15 rounds in mine–they ARE waterproof (I play mostly in the morning dew). and they ARE the most comfortable shoes (yes, shoes–including all categories) that I have ever owned. I wear them right from the house to the course. Plus, I love the look. Sorry to see Brad did not like them. But 99.9% of the golfers have to love these things. I will be getting three more pair soon!

  • Very comfortable. They do run a little small. I take a 10 and had to go to a 45 (11-11 1/2). They are a bit narrow. I do NOT have wide feet but these would have been perfect if they were offered in wide. But in all due respect, ALL shoes today are made smaller and narrower than measured.
    But these shoes are very good. You can feel the ground better, especially on the greens. Very good traction. No slippage at all.

  • I just bought a pair, and found the sizing to be Large contrary to what Buddyjay posted. I measure a U.S. size 10 on a brannock, usually wear a 9.5 or 10, but downsized to a 42 (8-8.5) with the Golf Street Premier. I found the 43 far too roomy for my low volume feet, both lengthwise and overall. Just my $2.

  • How/what product is best used to clean the white rubber outtersoles? Mine are discolored. How do I get them white again?

  • […] changed the perception of the golf shoe when he started wearing a “casual” shoe made by ECCO, called the Street Premiere and fans everywhere started looking for this […]

  • how are they when playing on wet conditions?

  • […] will remember that they came out with a shoe that took the world by storm with the release of the ECCO Golf Street Premiere that our THP tester felt very strongly about here. This year ECCO has another new shoe full of technology that they are bringing to the masses and […]

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